It is happening again.

Ok, first id like to thank the developers for doing their best to fix trophygate. You guys listened to your players and took action and for that id like to thank all of you.

unfortunately the cycle has started all over again. Lower level players are climbing the ranks. They are hitting higher ascencion level players islands and gaining lots of trophies. Which is completely fine. But the problem is that we are unable to hit players with high trophies who have lower ascencion levels than our own. So once again our ascension is working against us. Soon we will be back down to where we were before you did the fix.

Please do something about the match making system because this is getting a little out of hand. And once again the more money you spent, the worse you are off because of it…




thats what i try to explain for 2 days now!

No ideal solutions … If you make possible hitting low players, all will be about ascension so all about gems … Not very enjoyable too. The real thing is the fact that a low player can have strong heroes be abble to break any defense. And all he have to is to stay at his ascension level. I hope ally war will fix it and no one can hide itself behind a low level ascension !

There is only so far you can go levelling up, and we are all going to get there eventually. Whether it is tomorrow or a year from now. As far as im concerned having a high ascension level means having strong troops and defences as well as high building levels. So yes. Higher level players should be at the top. And smaller players closer to the bottom. With some degree of variation depending on how much you fight. Once everyone settles into their place we can all start working our way up the leaderboards.

my solution would be this. Make it possible to hit 15 levels below you as well as 15 levels above. And increase the trophies for each level in that range. That way strongner players are worth more than weaker ones but trophies remain fluid amongst all levels in the game. So no matter if you are hitting level 90 players or level 30 players. If they are all 15 levels above you they are worth 30 trophies.  And if you hit 15 levels below your own it is worth 1 trophy. We can all grow this way with minimal losses. And this way if your rank on the leaderboards drop it just means you arent fighting enough. 

Make the same true if you lose an attack. If you lose to someone 15 levels above you make it only worth one trophy. But if you lose to someone 15 levels below you with strong defences make it worth 30!

just a suggestion lol


Hello Red5, 

Thanks a lot for your time and suggestion, we will evaluate it for our further improvements. 

Please stay in touch for the future updates as we will keep improving the matchmaking system to make it as fair as possible for all. 

It might still take a bit of time before the leaderboard reaches a better state, balancing trophies and Ascension level. 

Thank you for your support and understanding. 

Have a nice weekend. 

Understanding…?? From RED5…??? hahaha

Posted this in another thread but guess it’s relevant here also


I’m going to wait a couple days but I don’t think the trophy system will work

two reasons:

  1. gaining trophies on an attack loss adds up VERY quickly for large loses for the defender and causes trophies to drizzle back down to low levels

  2. not being able to attack players lower level than us. This will only cause the trophies to eventually go back down to low levels as well.

Example: lvl 80 attacks level 90 and wins 10 trophies, that lvl 90 has no way of earning those trophies back unless he/she attacks a higher level

That lvl 80 will get attacked by a lvl 70 and lose 10 trophies

That lvl 70 get attacked by lvl 60 and lose those 10 trophies

And it continues down the ladder…


trophies are rarely earned on defense and do not cover for the loses sustained for the above points, only point in upgrading defense is to minimize the amount of trophies lost even when you win.

as of right now I only believe higher level players are on leaderboards are due to the reimbursement or them attacking non stop


this could change - I’ll wait a couple days and revisit

I feel like you guys refuse to wait for these changes. With all the responses and compensation no one can say that the devs are not trying now. 

The system is gradually repairing, if you expect it to be top notch in 24hrs then it’s time to stop daydreaming. I’m not covering for the huge bugs, glitches and whatnot in the game. I get your point as every second player here, but I dislike the way you express them. Especially from someone, who is not supposed to play anymore.

We have to talk about the problems or nothing will get done that’s what these forums are for we all just want the best and fairest gameplay we can get


I’m not trying to express them negatively

just pointed out some things that could happen

i even said in my post that I’m going to wait a couple days and see what happens

nothing happens overnight - we understand that - all this is trying to do is point out some issues that can cause some issues later down the road

Just noticed this thread, which I basically observed same as Red in last 2 days and posted in suggestions.

Math wise, there is down flow of trophies and not much upflow so low levels are rising. Optimum level is about 29 with max defence since there is high volume of low level players.  Very high level simply cannot protect their bases - I beat a buffed 102 yesterday at 72 (lots of invocations needed) with reward of 28 trophies. Then I lost those 28 and more (also near max defence base with buffs) shortly after. We have enough data to see the trends, its not looking logical yet. Those same higher levels are way below me now in trophy count.

Only thing I can see really balance things out is match by trophy count. High levels at low trophy count would eventually bottom out with players that cannot beat thrm. I think islands would need to rotate occupiers periodically to keep gameplay fun and not get stuck with impossible battle.

Appreciate devs trying… getting there.

Agree with all the points above

maybe hall of fame will settle appropriately after a couple of days - very unlikely the way it’s looking and their math doesn’t add up

i think it’s fair that if by early next week it’s only gotten worse I’ll be asking for refund…

I’ve stuck around through a lot and honestly it’s getting old…

Eh, i dont begrudge the gems ive bought i had fun, but ive stopped spending til i dont have 8 guys on my best isles that i cant even scratch…


Hey Red, it’s not only matchmaking.

I had a snapshot of top 5 players in trophy count. They are all under ascencion 40 and their heroes are relatively high levels.

I now strongly believe Flaregames do this on purpose and will never change the game mechanism. Because:

  1. Spenders like me focus on both attack and defense thus spend gems, but as defense means nothing against invocation (e.g. Syclla and resurrection resetting counters on invocations).

  2. Low level trophy farmers only focus on attack because invocations favor them thus spend gems. Nobody can tell me that player Dr4gon3y3 who’s number 2 now with ascencion 22 has a great defense.

So as we can see there’s enough stimulation to spend gems for everone. If you were Flaregames would you “fix” this system?

About 2-3 weeks ago defense meant something. I was able to raise my trophy count by upgrading my defense because defending was also rewarding me with trophies. Once I scored +150 overnight by defense.

It was then some players complained about not being able to beat high lvl players. And voila came the defense nerf.

I don’t see Flaregames making invocations less powerful and putting defense back to its place.

Now on no $$$ for you Flaregames. I had enough.

Yes i am in the same boat quoron. I am not purchasing any more untill this issue is fixed. And i used all the gems that were reimbursed to me from the last “fix” fighting hoping to maintain the position i had on leaderboards. I spent at least 5k gems yesterday killing everyone on my islands, gained about 200-300 trophies doing so and now i am worse off than when i started. When i saw that flare was making an attempt i stopped pushing for a full cash refund but i think it is time for me to get in contact with customer support and get my money back because this is rediculous! 

Maybe the whole trophy range can be tied to your level.  So most you can win in a single battle is 10 for anyone under lvl 30, 15 for under 50, 20 for under 70, etc… So that defeating a higher level player is rewarded, but more so if the match is higher up the ladder. 


Or, maybe you can reduce the trophys lost if the attacker uses >1 or 2 invocations, so you don’t get gem spammed and lose 30…4 gems doesn’t compensate

Surely one way to fix this is rather than have people appearing on your map 5 to 15 levels higher than you, they appear based on trophies. Someone with 500 (arbitrary figure) trophies less than you will be worth 0 trophies for a win so would never appear. However all these people level 22 in the top 10 would appear on everyone’s islands and very soon would be have a proper number of trophies for their level. Initially, it wouldn’t be much of a challenge while the hall of fame normalised but very quickly the guys at the top would be those with the best offence and defence and you would never see a level 22 in the top 10.