it is King and Queen, one account requires Family crest.

”Family crest“ It is necessary for the King and Queen :sunglasses:

I am still somewhat in the dark what this “Family Crest” really entails. Mind explaining a bit more in detail?

like engagement ring with the names of the spouses? enter a wedding in the game? you are confusing to “destroy the towers” with MMORPG games)

The emblem of the alliance is not the Crest of that king.

If the account of this game is the script of the king / queen

I think that the environment where you can set your own ”Family Crest ”and” flags besides” is good.

If you can express the king or queen in a way close to the wishes of the user.You will love the game more and stay longer in the game.

Not only the elements of the tower defense in this Game.
Both the castle, the king and the queen are avatars you keep seeing.

I would like to have elements that I like more.