It will be useful to know which general triggered an elite boost

We have some generals in the alliance, so they can invite new members. Sometimes a general activates an elite boost by accident out of ignorance (think it is their own gold and not the teams gold) or they’re too young to understand or they cant read english or they do it on purpose to frustrate the alliance


millions of alliance gold was wasted already

often we have no clue who did it, so degrade some or all generals as pre caution

I’m sure this extra thrill was not intended by flaregames

So Flaregames, please add information about WHO activated the Elite boost

I had also encountered with this type of least three times the boost was activated by some general in my alliance.for the first two times it was activated by a Korean general(I tried to communicate with him many times but he didn’t responded that is why I am sure he activated those boost and he didn’t understand English) and third time it was activated by a new player who joined us and then immediately demanded to be a general,by seeing his trophies I thought he is a good player but idiot activated seven boost at a time and then when I demoted him to soldier he immediately left the alliance.

But now I have three responsible generals but more than that they are awesome players:)

Knowing who did something is generally knowledge worth having, so yeah +1! 


Let me give you a hint for the future: Don’t ever make someone general based on his trophies alone!

Plus, if some random stranger joins and demands being made general immediately, then I’d either ignore or kick him lol… if he 1. can’t behave and 2. did nothing to earn being general (e.g. some accomplishment or engagement your for alliance, proving to be trustworthy, …), then he just shouldn’t be a general, as simple as that. 

If he then leaves, you know it was not the kind of player you’d have wanted in your alliance anyway. 

In my Alliance there is a sort a rules for who can become General:

  1. Talking in chat means that he/she is an active person and not only a “robot”, so here i can put a +1;
  2. Then i set as default donations before becoming a General of 4M gold (4.000K). It could be strange but i set high default donation because so i can confirm that he/she like staying there and become a “one thing” with the alliance !
  3. Then the main rule is the time: i never give rank of general of a person that join the alliance only for 1 week or so…i give time and time and see if he stay so long.
  4. If all the above rules are respected, i can say yes. Not everybody can take it, you have to “earn it” 

P.S.:At the end of all as you go forward with the alliance you see the changes of players that may deserve the rank versus a player that instead want to join only to get some elite boosts or gold boosts.

So do I, but still had someone cheating and activating boosts unexpectedly. Then needed to degrade ALL generals since it was not clear who could be trusted and who not. I don’t like this extra thrill… Of course a spy could enter a team, donate for a while become general and then start kicking people and eating gold with boosts. DId someone ever send a spy out to another team?