Item chests

Dear Flare Games; could you help us for finding what we are looking for?

For example; i am trying to find a bracer for Perseus at the right perks. I am trying to find just an item for maybe 2-3 months. You ll make finding items more easy by sorting chests. Bracers chest, ring chest, weapon chest, cape chest, etc. So we can find items which we are lookin for and we ll build up our heroes faster.

Many players feel this pain i think.

If you raid with a specific hero the majority of items you get in the vault of Hephaestus will be for that hero. 

Ohh, Really? I dont know this. Thank you for information. I ll raid with my weak heroes to find good items for them.

@dumpster Off course i am kidding :wink:   Please keep these extraordinary ideas to yourself and try to be realistic.

I am farming with Hercules and i am finding only the same items. Poison boots, poison armors, ice armors, life refresh bracers, etc. All rubbish.

I thought that; specific item chests (all types, green-blue-purple…) ll be better for everyone.

I dont wanna wait 3-4 months for finding a ring.

Buy green item chests. 

You’re literally amazing. Without you, we couldn’t find a solution to any problem. I thank you for enlightening us with your presence.

You’re welcome. 

Out of curiosity, what would you pay for a specific item-type green chest? 25 gems like the blue item chests?

and I’ve never once failed to find the item I’m looking for when I buy 20 or 30 green item chests. 

I am at level 143 and still using level 128~131 items. Guess how many green chests i bought between level 128-143. Lovely system doesnt likes me, everytime same uniques, same items. I ve just found an ice armor for Odiseus.

For increasing to find specific items which we need; specific item chests must be. Otherwise we need huge luck like you. I dunno but system likes someone, doesnt likes many people. Some people are finding good items every time, maybe between 3-4 days. I am finding good items between 3-4 months.

I have the same observation as Dumspter: you tend to get the items of the raid hero. But of course, you don’t want to raid with your weak heroes, and that’s the problem.

With the new superforge boost, I find that the hero boost packs (1 Titan + 4 Gold item chests) are of little value. Actually, I buy those packs only to have a lot of items to forge 4* items. It’d be great if there are lower boost packs (1 Eternal + 4 Legendary chests). I’d buy those in a heartbeat because this is where you have a big chance to find the item you want for a specific hero. 

If you are looking for 3 items specifically, it’s not unlickely that you won’t find them. But you should find them in some form. If you mean cursed, forget it, that’s not what we are saying. If you are talking about a high value perk, on a specific item, it’s also hard. But if you want some lightning boots, or a good stun weapon and so on, you should find hundreds. 

You should also try the hero pack, or the titan hero pack. It’s every 8 hours (different hero). You will be getting more specific items. But finding a really good CD on a specific hero, it can take MONTHS. And there are people who raid a lot, and never get it. It’s just luck, random. But if you are looking for 10-15 times, you should find most of them, in some form.

What would you pay for a specific item chest?

Same price. 400-500k gold for green chests, 25 gem for blue chests, etc.

Why did u asked?

You think they would be more useful than regular green chests, though, right? You think they would give you an advantage you’re not getting now. 


Theyre going to cost gems. How many gems would you pay for a green chest?

I don’t know what you want more? I means

Hero Boost : Hero boost offer 6 or 7 chests with items

Chest Boost : Offer that appear with 6 or 7 chests

Item Chest of all colors in market

Chest in War

Chest in Odyssey

Items in the Vault

really what you want more? with version 4.2.0 you have now refining items

If you need by example Cadmus Cooldown because you was unlucky to find it by I don’t know which reason. Because I have all items perk for each heroes at level 100

then in this case create it. Why you complain? Forge tjem TItan 5 Stars and use others heroes items to create the perk

Do like I did. I have 2 ring with Cooldown and HP Regen. I have take items with Attack Speed. Now my ring have Cooldown,HP Regen and Attack Speed. Later I will refining them again to add Life on Hit. So i will use Life on Hit items

Use what you need to create the perk. Cooldown item for Cooldown perk and so on…

at level 143 you should have all at this point with over 400 space inventory. If you have accumulated them all

PS : Be lucky developer have give you all this chests and all because in some mobile game you must farm them. So in only the vault or in the ground. If you complain to farm 3-4 month for 1 item. Be lucky then in some game you need 1 year if no more with low %. Farm boss like 1000 times and doing dungeon non stop over year. 3-4 month is nothing