Item pearl meltdown bugged

Hello @GalaMorgane

this is another issue the community has had that we do not know if it is a bug, known bug to be fixed or intended change by flare as no feedback / patch notes were provided.

for your information / background:

  • In general as stats improve the same uber item is worth more pearls.
  • The amount of pearls received for melting down items reduced, sometime after the 3.8 update. There were some other bugs that flare acknowledged and ‘fixed’ but the amount is still less than it was previously.

Per the below screenshot, the item on the right I obtained previously with lower stats, gives more pearls than the left one I just got today with higher stats.
The new item on the left I would expect to give more pearls.


It’s the same with gold value which seems “random to an extent”. It makes absolutely no sense and should be long fixed.

no don’t confuse this with the gold value of different items which is random to an extent.

for the same uber item, as the stats increase the gold value slowly increases as well, its not random as the stats increase.
but at some point around the 3.8 update the values dropped across the board for everything.

Its a difficult one for players to pick up on since you need to have items from before 3.8, and compare to something higher.
Should be easier for the devs to look into, probably just a multiplier somewhere (they fixed one item value bug after 3.8 within a day).

Obviously we can’t tell if they are actually reading this as they claim they are and aren’t aware of the bug, or it might also have been done on purpose and for some reason too afraid to say?
if it is because they are too afraid, hopefully the new CM given her experience could convince them its much better for community relations to lay out all changes, patch notes etc. Don’t even need to provide reasons, at least let us know it is a change and not a bug.

I was talking about two instances of the same item, just like your example (same item, same level, different stats, better stats worth less), not different items. Unless two pairs of imperial slippers count as different items.

My guess as to what happened here:

Lets say you got the item on the right when you were lvl 110. The item is displayed as a lvl130 item, but it’s actually a lvl140 item (king lvl 110 + 30). It’s worth 163 pearls.

Now the item on the left (obtained today) shows that you probably improved 2 levels on your king, from lvl 110 to 112. The item is also displayed as a lvl 130 item, but may actually be a lvl 137 item (lvl 112 king + 25). For that reason, it’s worth only 155 pearls, 7 pearls less than the other higher lvl item.


I think the issue here is that item’s levels are VISUALLY capped at lvl 130, but they’re in fact AT LEAST lvl130 (up to lvl160, for a lvl130 king).

What this means is that the “bug” is not their pearl value… the “bug” it’s their displayed level.


To clear this up we would need 2 similar items bellow lvl130.

not possible, if the left was level 137 as you say, the stats would be lower  than the right. But it is clearly higher stats, and higher level item.

I use uber items as example for this reason, the item level, secondary stat values and pearl / gold value all go together and are ‘fixed’ (ie an item level 137 is same always).

It doesn’t work like that.

The bottom 2 stats are related to the king’s level , while the top stat (such as leadership in helmets or health in armors) is related to the item’s level.
So it works as I stated in the previous posts.


The only exception to this are items obtained via different methods.

  1. “regular” uber chests (wars, ninja events, monthly, etc)

  2. festival items: these are usually better than the 1) items, although there are exceptions (like that Legacy festival with lots of skull weapons, with nerfed skull bonus)

  3. special uber items (christmas chests’s items have insane stats; I think probably pro chests as well, but I haven’t confirmed it yet).


This means that, for example, if you’re opening your 6 alliance rewarded uber ninja chests (all obtained at the same time, with the same king’s level) and you get the SAME uber twice, they will both have the same bottom stats for sure (because they’re related to the king’s level)… but the top one will be different if the displayed item’s level is different.

My guess is that the lower leveled item in the above example will be worth less pearls. And if both of them are displayed as lvl130 items, the real higher leveled one will be worth more pearls.


what evidence do you have of the item level being separate from the secondary stats in the manner you describe, where the secondary stats can be lower on a higher item level?

i did try to ‘estimate’ the how many level’s difference since I got the two items, the next forge for leadership was around 6 (i melted it already), the left one is giving 4.79. I remember reading somewhere the secondary stats when you level up once, they go up the same as you do +1 forge. I’m not 100% if this is true, but if it is the right item I would have got more than 5 levels lower than the left, and no way for the item level to be higher in the way you describe. 


above is another example i had posted previously. (As with this one, it was not during granny event lowering value). I forged +1 to the new one just to match the old one since forges add value.I think you can estimate from the secondary values the two items are far more than 5 levels difference in my kings level - so the item on the right shouldn’t be at a higher item level in the way you describe. But again, the melt value is less. 

That Testament is a pretty good example of what I said earlier: you bought the right Testament in the Legacy festival, the left one is from another source.

" 2) festival items: these are usually better than the 1) items, although there are exceptions (like that Legacy festival with lots of skull weapons, with nerfed skull bonus) "


The king’s level is the only thing that matters when comparing the bottom 2 atributes of 2 similar items from the same source (as in, both from the war chests, or ninja chests, or during the same festival, etc).

I’m confident you can assume both testaments are from uber chests, i had the Shillelagh (with FS perk) I have been using, which starts with higher skull perk value. I doubt I bought the testament at the festival since i never used it, never forged it up. I don’t buy stuff in festival I don’t intend to use. The skull bonus doens’t look nerfed either, the testament just starts with a low value, but like all low sp items it starts reasonably high when you are high level. As comparison the shillelagh i got recently started at 6.3%. There is also the igor warbringer glove which also has a low starting SP value.

also bought the advari sp ring from festival with starting value like 6.2%, that doesn’t strike me as having a nerfed SP value.

What evidence do you have that festival items are better or worse than ones from uber chests? 

and again, where do you get your information on that there is this separate item level that makes it so you can a lower level item with higher secondary stats.

I’m not saying you are wrong, I’m just asking as you seem pretty confident and this information isn’t readily available.


is this how you understand forging and item levels? if so then as mentioned theres no way for the right imperial slippers to be higher than the left as you describe.

  1. Every time I’ve gotten a previous festival item from a chest (at the same king’s level or just a couple levels above), they’ve always had lower bottom stats than the ones in the festival. I don’t believe this was a coincidence.

Even when you get festival items in festival chests, they’re rarely as good (bottom stats wise) as the festival items you can buy.

The exception to this were the skull bonus items during the Legacy festival. That festival was notorious for having nerfed skull bonus % weapons. For example, the Testament in that festival had 2.7% skull bonus for me (while skull items in previous and later festivals had higher %) and like 1 or 2 weeks later I got a testament from a chest with ~4.5% skull bonus.

ps: do you remember the christmas chests 2 months ago? All the items on it had crazy good stats. Those were not like uber chests’s items at all. I’m hoping this anniversary chest will be the same.


  1. As soon as the next Festival starts you can confirm this yourself with any account with a lvl 105 king or lower. The bottom 2 stats are dependant on king’s level and are independent of the item’s lvl. Check the festival item’s stats and levels, close the game for 3 minutes, open the game again and compare. The item’s level will change and the top stat will chance accordingly, but the bottom 2 stats will always remain the same (and will only change if your king levels up).


  1. Yes, the Imperial Slippers on the left are more recent than the ones on the right. You leveled up your king quite a bit in the mean time actually, congrats.

Since you leveled something like 5 or 6 levels (or even more than that), indeed there’s no way for the right item to be higher lvl than the one on the left, so my guess on the 1st post I made doesn’t hold up.


It is true, in most cases. There are exceptions, however, like skull bonus and auras I believe.

If you get a really really low lvl skull item with 0.00% (as in bought from a festival on a low lvl king) I think each forge will go up 0.10% as usual (up to ~4.5%)… but if you get it after lvling up your king once, you’d still get 0.00% from it.

I will have to keep an eye out, i have not noticed this. But in combination with other points you have made, could it be that when you buy the festival item you close and reload the game til you get an item with full +30levels, and the next time you get from uber only +25?

I did not notice getting anything good from the christmas chests, but most my items I get very good stats as I’m high level anyway. But I did notice from others the pro items you sometimes get the ‘buffed’ version and not the normal one.

i’m going by memory here, but i guess i can ask someone to check for me next festival, but i thought the bottom stats changed as well before level 105, since this is what I was doing as well to get ubers +30 level. But i think once I hit 105, the item level was always maxed level 130. and secondary stats just dependent on king level for level 130 item. Not so for items under level 130. I think you are also making assumption the item level keeps increasing without evidence. To me the item level is exactly 130 like it is stated. Below 105 you can get ubers that are not 130. once it is 130 it is maxed, but the pearl / gold value goes up as the bottom stats are increasing - same away as it goes up as you forge. But that does not mean the item level has gone up.

Obviously I have no concrete evidence, just that the item says level 130, and there is nothing to say the item level is higher as you go higher level.

great that my understand in correct (or correct as far as we can understand without dev input…). Also noted the auras and sp work differently.

which also means the pearl meltdown amount seems like it is reduced, but i’m afraid it looks like flare have made the nerf and hoping to sweep it under the carpet without people noticing. Probably not many people farm items for pearls as much as I do, so didn’t notice, don’t care or have given up hope flare will do / say anything. Certainly there has not been that much backlash from the community aside from a little bit when it first occurred.

But still it might just a bug, many bugs take a while to sort out, and this is not that critical compared some of the ones coming out last few months. Which is where a good CM would be really useful, letting us know which are actual bugs (and which ones they are aware of), or intended changes. 

this is not bug. any items give more perls because u more time use this items. when you got new items that not give more perls because you don’t use this items for attacks with king

items do not give more pearls as you use them more…

Just got left from birthday chest, again less value than previous lower stat item.:


presumably the right one is more than 5 levels below, given forge is +60. (left is +40). 



Adding below just for information.


I’ve gotten another pair of slippers since the OP, same secondary stats as I’ve not been able to level past 130, but the pearl amount is different. So there is indeed something going on / randomness in the background. Could be as Arrebimba describes there is hidden item level, or the value is just somewhat random.

Doesn’t seem like the difference would account for the overall reduction post 3.8, but too hard / impossible to investigate further - would need flare to investigate and provide feedback, but its pretty certain that will not occur.