Item perks


I can say that i’m new in this game and I don’t understand many things so I have some q :slight_smile:
I have many items for boost my units/spells like “3500 att more for warewolf” like in photo, but really my warewolf get only +/-10 att more. Can some one explain me that? ’



That’s how those perks work and we don’t know why, it’s not very smart to show such high numbers for a low improvement.

Why developers complicate that? I think that game will be easier when there you can see “10 att” instead “3000 att” ;]

Anyway thanks for answer :slight_smile:

You’re right, we’d prefer to see the real value :slight_smile:  

if you look carefully its not +10 but +15 nevermind its not very important the real number :slight_smile: +545 HP for toughness. I never understand and maybe like the others player why

attack is so broken like this and add only +10,+15 i think its the same on other unit make attack useless but strange how the perk of Defense work well +545 HP its enough good

I have check my Archer stuff at +4800 and that add a ridiculous +71 on attack and add a ridiculous +121 HP. I am not a fan of this kind of perk


Hi i have a question which is maybe related to this Topic a litte bit  :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody knows if these item perks also inrease the data of requested insta troops?




I think it does, as Insta troops have the same boosts as your alliance has, so I don’t see why your equipment boosts shouldn’t apply to them. It wouldn’t make sense. But then again, no one knows for sure. It’s a good question though.