Item Rarity

This a guide to knowing which items are valuable or not.


Common - Just your average item. These have a small chance of having Enchantments such as Gold Boost, Scream Boost, Ice Shields & Fire Shields (There are many more). 

Magic - A bit harder to find, and they cost more than common items. These have a Green background.

Rare - A lot harder to find, and usually can only be found at levels 15+. These items have a Dark Blue background.

Epic - These items are very hard to find. Both ‘Epic’ and ‘Legendary’ items sometimes have discounts. They have a Violet background.

Legendary - These item are extremely hard to find. They cost Gems, Coins or even Pearls to buy. These items have a Gold background.


Thanks for reading my guide, if you have any ideas or corrections, please put it in the comments!

I always get 45% discounted prices for the Rare & Super Rare items that you posted, sometimes even the Legendary items as well, The granny sale has been going on for weeks now, and when it does stop the sale usually goes back on again within only a couple days after stopping so i don’t think these items are that rare now as they were before. 


Good post though.  :slight_smile:

Thanks for posting these…


Legendary is Gold

Epic is Violet

Rare is Blue

Magic is Green

Standard is grey

epic or better means just voilet and gold nothing else???

Zoname is correct.  Specifically the quest to deck yourself in rare, then epic then legendary items means Blue then Purple then Gold.

I’m not good in english, what different between violet and purple?

Yes, right!

Take a look at this picture. In order from above downwards, from the most common to the rarest.

Zoname – in casual conversation violet and purple are generally the same color.  Purple is usually less formal and the color I hear most gamers use in reference to Epic quality items. 


Formally violet is more blue and purple is more red.  See Wikipedia.


Thanks everyone for correcting me, that photo also helps!  :slight_smile:

BTW Lengendary can sometimes be purchased with gold or gems, not just pearls.

Also lots of helpful Tips and Hints from RR in the gallery of their Facebook page, check them out. Granny’s Guide shown above is an example.