Item req vs king lvl

Hi all,

Is there somewhere an overview of which ranges of specs are tight to which level kings?

For instance, i’m level 74 and always get Unique/legendary weapons with +20 base dmg for sale. From what king lvl I can expect higher dmg items?

Hope my question is clear to you guys. ðŸ˜

At maximum level 120, however dont wait 120 but minimum 90-100 :wink:

I leveled 1 lvl up and all the weapobs in sale are +26 base dmg instead of +20. So +6 dmg per lvl for weapons each lvl maybe?

Isn’t there a chart or something?

Having a difference of +6 is nothing particular i don’t suggest you to buy it, only if they are +50 +100 could be a great deal !

Not always you find great items fro mGranny you have to be patience sometimes ^^

I don’t know if exist chart about plus damage for each weapons as i know =(

I post you a link that maybe could help you: