Items for Meltdown

I think that FG need sale gold 90-95% items in Granny shop except yellow items. 

Black Items, Green Items, Blue Items, Pink Items need sale.

Then, it’s easier for us to earn pearl. 

Now, i have 8 slots in Blacksmith and it was not working many time. 

It’s not enough items for metldowning.


Bro,i heard most of ppls use luck gears for that, for get many gears to melt

Yes, Cromka1. Playes must attack very low trophies player and were had items. Then they metldown its. 

When sale items In granny, we will attack high trophies player to earning gold. Then use gold to buy items.

That gets better very much. 

I was really sick of attacking low trophies player for had items to metldown. 

I think u need improve attack.

i can beat 5700-5800 ppls in gold or luck

no need low


btw its very boring-use luck gears,i agree with u

Yes, Using lucky items to raid very boring. 

So boring. Blacksmith is free many time because havent Items for metldown

Granny event should have like 80% discount on gold cost items. No one uses the event otherwise unless ready really low player