Items found in vault after battle

Now with the birth of the new forging system, there have been several factors that have hit the lower lvl players progress and chances of defeating higher lvl bases. (new war blessings not included in this argument!)

The old system allowed a player to forge a new lvl item with an older lvl item and bring it closer to the values at your current ascension lvl. This allowed for players going through ascension lvls to NOT NEED  to replace every hero item in their set up to make them useful. It was cost effective.

Now, you can only forge the item to it’s maximum potential for the ascension LVL YOU RECEIVED  the item in. So basically now you need to replace your entire heroes kit to know that they are improving as you raise your ascension lvl. Of course high/fixed lvl players had the opposite and get to keep and refine the ‘bugged forges’  So now it will cost a player a fortune to upgrade their gear with a rise in ascension lvl. Then also consider the huge/obscene gold requirement (I know the devs are looking at this cost atm) for the refining process introduced for us all to use (but in reality only the top players).

I propose the following solution as this would help resolve both cost in forging process and even bigger cost to re-align hero gear with a new ascension lvl:

In the vault after a battle, the gear you get randomly SHOULD be a random star (*) value of the type of chest opened. So now you can get 3* epic, 2 * legendary, 4* eternal, 4* godlike, etc, etc.  The programming shouldn’t be hard to do now as all items max values are predetermined when you receive them.   Thoughts OR community? 

@CaptainMorgan and @Chris




As for cost. I think the cost of forging should be equated to the level of ascension, so it will be fair.

Love that idea.

youve been on fire lately Phil. Lots of great suggestions!

@ZuZuu I think the cost is less for lower at lower ascension lvls if I remember correctly.

got something else brewing…oh wait I’ve just had lunch. :grinning:    I have another couple of imaginative solutions for certain issues. I might put them in the new few days, but don’t want to overwhelm the devs, they’ve got a lot to fix…

Yeah that is correct.Lower levels do have to pay less gold for forging as compared to a high ascenion player.