Items have much lower pearls

From yesterday all items from cof and uber chests are very low pearls when i melt them. Why???

This is thanks to the popular Granny event that will last till Saturday!

I can confirm this, very low valued items. So raiding with luck gear is not a good option now. I get items worth less than 10 pearls a lot, can be glad if I find one worth 20 pearls. 

Oh, and make sure to enjoy these awesome bonuses lasting until this Saturday!  according to FG :slight_smile:

Any Developer able to comment on this?

The current pearl values are really a joke…

Maybe we can ask if there will be an event on Thursday this week, because this is a handicap instead of something positive…

and again, the reduction of pearl valueis NOT in the information flare gave us

uber rgranny is regrettably always just a bad joke

granny event could at least include a pearl multiplier so there’s no reduction in pearl melting during event.

It would still be useless like many of the other events, but at least it would not be outright detrimental for players.

I ended up in the trap: on Monday I bought 15 super chests and I melt down 4 unique super items obtaining less pearls than expected.

Imo, I believe the pearl prices should move up (duh!), but not quite as much as in the BS event


granny event discount -30% applies also to all incoming items

pearls -30% also