Items in Battle Chests

Why is the content of Battle Chests so bad? Out of three Godlike Battle Chests last week, I got one Godlike item. My first “Godlike” Battle Chest this week was 2 Green Items and the rest Grey. How, in any way, is this Godlike?

I would suggest every Godlike Battle Chest have at least one Godlike item or the chests be renamed more appropriately from “Pointless Battle Chest” through to “Nearly pointless battle chest”


Actually I noticed (as I received many grey items myself) that if I don’t have my resources storage full I get a bunch of resources, some being Godlike rarity.

Got the feedback about improving these chests though. :grinning:

I don’t mind getting grey items but there should include at least one godlike item in a godlike chest Whether it’s resources, gems, prestige or an item. I have two more to open later today so I’ll let you know how those go.

So, in 3 Godlike Battle Chests:

1 Purple Item

2 Green Items

30 Grey items

How in any way is this Godlike? Not a gold item in sight