items Sell and Equip Improvement

I don’t get it why the Hall of Gods info page about us appear on the right after each time I sell a item. Its very annoying honestly. I have like 30 items to sell in total. Each time you sell one this non sense page appear on the right. Why after sell a item the game cannot send you at the same place?

the same thing for when you go in your item and got a new item by example and equip it :

then after the screen should return like this so the weird annoying page will not appear anymore :

Also I suggest if possible to add for when you sell items a grey circle in upper left that will allow us to selection them and sell them in group


A another think that really annoying me like hell. The items flashing for nothing. Each time i think I have receive new items. So I go in equipment and click the flashing one and see nothing. I click a another flashing one and…nothing. Maybe a bug in forge system? I have noticed the items flashing after a forge but normally that should be stop after you have click finish but that seem to flash whatever after like if the game forced you to forge stuffs.

can be great in a future version if you have no new items that stop flashing like crazy. Each time I think its Christmas in the game and the items flashing with music or something else. So can be cool if that can stop.Thanks

Thanks for add my suggestion I have made in the past about the equip and sell improvement but now one more suggestion to make life savior and really allow us to enjoy Heroes Gear


You get a offer. Its a Hero offer you buy it and obtain a ton of chests with over 50 items. here I got Helen of Troy Power Slot offer

The problem arrive. Oh yeah you are full. No more place. You have no gold and no time to forge items. You want sell stuffs

Problem again. when you have over 200 items space and you have keep all items since over 2 month or more. Its a pain to try to find something. What is equiped and what is unequiped. So you must lose your time to check 1 item at a time and see equiped and forge not that one. Check a another equiped and forge not that one over 20 minutes+


  • Create a Bags where you can put items you want to forge or sells

  • Maybe a better solution just create a section you can see all unequiped items. Also add what I have suggested in the past but was not added in the game. Can we are able to select mutliple items with a green arrows at same time and click Sell.

Just that will be a timer savior. I hate lose 1 hour just to try to sell 10,20 or 40 items

Here the idea to understand more (screenshot from Dragon Age 2)

you see a Move to junk. Its a bags you stuck your useless stuffs

After when you want to see your useless stuffs and you need just to click Sell All

So when you selection a item you should have Equip,Equip all,Forge,Sell,Backpack

After in Heroes Temple you should have a Backpack icon for all items you have put there for forge or sell. Just click Sell All

So what normally take over 1 hour to do can be done in 5 minutes

With all this its not I really want to do it but I must lose my time like 1 hour to check and try one by one each item i have to sell them. A Pain really

I hope these features comes in next version :slight_smile:


These are on our discussion list.

@Warriornator in the suggestion thread i wrote that i can make a video, showing how i try to handle my 625 items-slots (i always make screenshot of items i want to dismantle, and try to manage the rest in the forging list…). have fun. ?

it would also be great when scrolling to the list (near end of viedeo), clicking on an item, and then going back that you dont have to scroll the list again… (same goes for alliance-member list)




1000 times this!