Items shop

Give one big item shop market , where we can get all ( approx 300)  the hero items ubers , in one place 

So we can buy anytime whatever we want.

And in chest ( any including ubers )give voucher , gems , pearls,pal food only    or may some other low level items.

Bad idea, then the spenders can become more powerful than they already are. Plus, simply buying everything doesn’t seem fun, does it?

I think the items in the chest are fine as they are. Some people use them to grow instead of raiding. 

May be right 

Or make it as a events in Granny.

Even then, man. Players will just wait until then to buy all their stuff. I’m all for making overhauling the granny shop though, since she’s about as useful as a 5th tire on a car. 

not a good idea. We have propose the market in the past but I admit where is the fun if we can get all in just 1 click? Look by example the game Diablo 3 when he come out in 2012. With the Auction House make everyone rage. Speciafically because players was able to sell items for real money. Some have make over 50,000$ with just 1 or 2 items. Was a good idea on paper but not in real.

In many games however this work great but the problem is the multi account abuse. Like the game I have play in the past Dino RPG on firefox where you can buy stuffs with ticket.However the problem was you just need to have multi account and bingo. You can buy anything you want. Buy the special package who allow you to tranform tickets in gold. The abuse was huge.

In RR2 we all know the game is full of multi account,cheater,hacker,etc… so add a marker or whatever linked to this will make RR2 worst. Already the Pro league have bring a lots of cheater. A market will brake the game totally. Fun to have but in RR2 will make the game more worst

I feel like that kind of thing would work in fully simulated, player driven economies (such as eve) but I agree that it’s definitely not for RR2