Hello! So me and other members were discussing the interval after the purchase of a legendary item discount. I remember a while ago we received 3/4 daily items Whether it was acquired. Then went on to have an interval of 3 days after purchase, so far agree with this range after purchase, but now I learned that the range It depends on the level of the hero, my current level is 89, then the higher the highest level hero is the range of purchasing the item? In my case is very difficult to renew my items, which were sold by a hacker, I think the 3-day interval was of good size, but now as dependent on the level is very difficult, I think they should go back to the interval of 3 days, honestly is very difficult.ðŸ‘

At lvl 85, it takes 2-3 weeks after buying a sale item before the old lady starts to offer them to me again. Not sure if this is level dependent or not.

It is not level dependant. Lvl 86 here and it usually takes 2 days after a sale-buy before new sale offers appear again. 

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Good lord man, I sure hope you meant weeks instead of days. Me and granny about to have a little chat…

For me pause is 10 days, maybe 14. Once 9 days

It depends on something, certainly


But 2 days???



Once, I bought a builder with 90% discountImmediately proposal from grandmother was gone, but came back the next day

But this is the exception rather than the usual pause between special offers of granny.