Ithacan harbor upgrade?

After upgrading Ithacan harbor, the cost to obtain all chests is higher with harder difficulty. I currently have harbor level 2 and I can do 4-skull islands without much trouble.

Should I upgrade the harbor to level 3? Whats it like with difficult level 5? All my heroes are around level 15 and my current ascension level is 60.


Id say dont worry about the dificulty too much until you hit 7 skulls. It scales with your level and the only way to struggle is to put too many mastery points in your offense while not bothering eith hero upgrades (that includes skills and gear alike). The main difficulty for an active player is the resource cost of an odyssey, which also has a tendency of increasing drastically each level.

It’s always worthy to upgrade your harbor to the max level you can. I didn’t know that until I figured out the points-to-chests changes in each level. And this is based on “don’t get all the chests, focus more on the quality of chests, instead of number”.

For example,

When your harbor is level 4, you need 220 points to get 2 blue chests, 2 purple chests, and 1 god-like chest.

But when your harbor is level 5, you need 230 points to get 1 blue chests, 2 purple chests, and 2 god-like chest.

It seems you need more points so the cost is also higher, but think about if you want to get 1 god-like chest, the cost at level 4 is to get 220 points, but at level 5 you only need 180 points. Although by only get 1 god-like at level 5 you have 1 less chest compare to level 4, but it’s the blue chest, which is less important.

So, at level 4, 220 points to get 2 blue chests, 2 purple chests, and 1 god-like chest,
and at level 5, 180 points to get 1 blue chests, 2 purple chests, and 1 god-like chest.

Similar thing happens when you upgrade to level 6, it becomes even better, 190 points to get 2 purple chests and 2 god-like chest, so the quality of chests is further improved, because when you want 2 god-like chests, at level 5 you need 230 points.

If you don’t think about get all chests (and it’s very difficult at level 8 when you need to do 10 skulls), the higher harbor level will always be the better option.

165 points for 2 Godlike and 1 Titan chest at level 8 (maximum).  Definitely upgrade to max.  Even if you can’t get all the chests, you get better ones.

Thank guys I haven’t thought about that at all! When I first upgraded Ithacan harbor to level 2 I was terrified at how hard 4-star islands are :slight_smile: Now I know the strategy I will try to max out the level of the harbor. Thanks again!

Is there any chart, video or any kind of help available for the Ithacan harbor level & resources it need to plan adventure [gold] & to attack 1 land [wisdom] ?

Wisdom costs seem completely random sometimes. The rest of it is predictable. 

Difficulty 4 cost 100k gold to enter. Each islands cost around 230-600 wisdoms

Difficulty 5 cost 500k gold to enter. Each islands cost around 600-1000 wisdoms

Difficulty 6 cost 1M gold to enter. Each islands cost around 900-2000 wisdoms

the rest I don’t know

if you want more info : Warriornator Gaming Youtube. I have for now difficulty 3 and 4 I think on my channel. I will try to find time to upload the rest for Difficulty 5 and 6 and more

Difficulty 3 : Need not much just level 6-8 with blue items and power and units around level 5-7

Difficulty 4 : Need heroes level 10+ with Purple items and power and units around level 8-10

Difficulty 5 : Need heroes level 12-13 with Legendary items and power and units around level 12-13

Difficulty 6 : Need heroes level 17+ with Titan Items and power and units around level 13+

Diffculty 7 : Need Heroes level 20 with Titan items and power and units around 15-16

Difficulty 8+ : All maxed

PS : this is the requirement with no boost at all. If you have boost probably you can drop half of the requirement for each

Great… Thanks a ton for help ?