It's an Offense and Defense game.

This is surely an Offense and Defense zoner game.

If that is the case, why is that the kings experience is only calculated by the attacks carried out as an offense.  Should not kings also gain experience by defending?

One school of thought is that since we carry the king in offense only, we gain exp. points for the king. Hey, the king (only) does not go on the attack, he carries troops with him. The same troops defend his kingdom.

Now, the game is moving so much on the offense side that people forget to focus on defense. A good way is to have experience points for the king in defense. If you successfully defend a raid you get experience points, which is higher in case 2 crowns, which in turn is more than a single crown. Every attack on a kingdom gains  a small exp. point for the king. 

This way there will be motivation to stop dropping trophies by opening the base.

Of course the overall, exp. points can be increased to reach the next level.


We all know the game is mainly focused on offensive side rather than the defensive one. But after the latest update the offense is way better than the defense. The title of your topic should be: Royal Revolt 2,an offensive game only LOL

You know,there’s no balance. The balance is something Flare doesn’t know.

The Special Uber Items you find in the uber chests + insta-troops just killed the defence side lolz…

The problem is even with maxed towers, you are losing to well over 300 trophy less players, and vice versa.

what flare expects- to have 20 towers maxed and boosted?

Don’t worry guys, I’m sure flare will think of something.

Three years later …

Don’t worry guys, I’m sure flare will think of something.

LOL  :lol: :lol:

No, it shouldn’t. The king only stay passively inside the kingdom (he’s not in any waves, nor appear on the gate to provide the last defense), only the troops, towers and obstacles defending it. And Yes, the king did make the attacks in offense (who cast all those spells/scrolls if it wasn’t the king? and without spells/and in some cases scrolls, there is no way you can win again similar or higher level). The troops would have way more xp than the king if we can see it.

I gotta say I agree with Caki here, getting XP for defending is weird…

Yes, agreed, but this is a way to arrest the open base, drop trophy schemes. 

Exp. in defending is also important. I am not saying you have the same exp. points, but some can be added.

it also takes strategy to make a good defence.

Exp. points then should also be awarded to the troops. Each war they fight they become more experienced, and tougher. 

It will differentiate active players from the rest.


Off topic, I know, but… Actually, it’s a great idea to offer Flares to add the king as last defending wave that waits at the gate or in the throne room. It would also be very nice to see some inside the castle looting scenes. How your troops destroy the castle buildings, loot the chamber and finally storm the throne room and kill the king.

I personally know some players that will get a great pleasure doing this to certain other players… :grinning:

I think it is stupid that you complaint when defence are too strong but also complaint when offence become stronger.Yes Flaregames know the game balance, for many times they have managed to balance both offence and defence quite well.This update surely favours offence but theres 100% chance that next update will balance it again.So its time to enjoy all the easy raids.Besides, achieving strong defence is always hard even before these forging madness! Took 2 years to build a good base without speeding up anything for me, lasted for 2 months before they release 2.0 and now rebuilding is at around 40%.Koonin’s base at 7000 trophies fall to my 5000ish trophies king (though I die more than I win), 2000 trophy diff, whats the matter with 300 diff ? Any defence can fall, yours even weaker so ofcourse easier to beat.


And ofcourse FG expect you to have all towers and waves max, whats the point otherwise ? Upgrade halfway and pray it will stand ?


Game should favour offence anyway, it is the main thing that we do, raiding.Although I am still angry with the slowdown perk on toxic cloud Basically endless time warp especially used by a decent raider.


Idk why some people keep suggesting this king looting destroying buildings inside castle thing since many months.That is for what ? Animation ? For how long ? 30s ? Waste of time imo, raid already long enough at 2:43 plus the victory screen and CoF 

You think players that did open base will care for small exp? most players that opened their base have already high xp, and/or have at least 1 xp item. If you follow biggest group in fb, i saw mostly high-top players doing it to trap people into spending gems. Which lead to my next question, which would you prefer, getting gems or some xp (that you could get maybe 10 times higher from only one raid)? i for sure will pick gems. Dropping your trophy also can be useful for war, beside getting gems, more players will be failed thinking they are attacking an easy base (and they will also get way less skulls from chamber of fortune), which can bring higher chance for your alli to win the war, sometimes that kind of tactic can even beat the opponent with loser bonus. So which one would you prefer? getting some xp or win wars? 

How would flare do it? every update flare brought always filled with protests and complains, all the nice things they did almost totally covered by a “small” thing such as skull perk or uber chest (yes, i said small, because if we dare to be honest, skull perk only very crucial in top 5 alliance), they probably don’t have enough time (or less motivated) to develop the game more to add nice things like that, because they have to deal with so many complains. Most protesters only want what they like to be implemented in game, while it should be a give and take  principle, so both part can enjoy the best for both sides.

You are talking from a top player’s point of view. Top players won’t care for XP, but yes, they do care about gems. The vice versa goes for middle and lower ranked players. In any case, it’s a win-win situation for both. Just my point of view, not that FG is going to implement it (because top players don’t want it). Again dropping trophies is a strategy to lure poor lower players in shedding gems, then there should also be opportunities for players who do not want to do it. A player should have an option. I believe, if players have an option of defensive XP, many will turn away from opening their base. 

They never implemented :

  1. The raid time in the war report (I guess it favors all, probably top players don’t want to see that, cause they think they are invincible)

  2. Removed skull perk (because it favors the top player)

Plus much more.




Then it should only be offense tower game only. The game should be balanced in both ways. I am of the opinion, there are players who value their defenses more than offense. There should be more incentives to develop defenses, is what I wanted to convey, not reducing the offense.


Theres plenty of incentives.Just not for your weak defence sadly.


Gems from people scrolling, trophies from people failing, protection to your gold and trophies, protection to skulls in war.Theres enough incentive,otherwise I wont bother farming 48m gold a day for 4 skull tower lol

The offense also had enough incentives by the way, not that your offense is weak that FG increased offensive. “Yours” signify’s general players, not to be taken personally. Sadly that is what people conclude. 

Here is flares answer to make defense stronger. One additional level to tower and obstacles. Some troops slightly stronger in defense.

Let’s start upgrade towers again.


  • Increased slightly the HP and DAM values for the last levels of defensive troops: 
    • Archer 
    • Paladin
    • Mummy
  • Mortar: increased resistance to ice
  • Obstacles / Towers
    • +1 Level for all Towers and Obstacles.
    • Lightning Tower got a 3rd construction plan to unlock the new Level
  • Daily Rewards
    • They also now feature Uber chests
  • Voucher Friends
    • The max number for the voucher friends was increased from 20 to 30

Thank you for your support and see you in the battlefield.

Last levels of defensive troops mean wave 8 and 9?

No they probably mean the max levels of those troops. I expect that max archer now just survives a blizzard, which means forge that blizzard and deal more damage. Highest mummy level is only in possession of a selected group of players at the moment, so most of us won’t notice a thing.

An additional level of towers and obstacles could be the answer on 4th insta troop. Lighting tower construction plan, nice… At least an additional thing to do while workers are busy, not that I plan to upgrade a lightning tower.

Your suggestion to add uber chest to daily reward helped An, will see how many uber chests are on that map. Voucher friends I don’t have that many. Most of them already went inactive.