Now, I understand the feeling when you’re being attacked multiple times with the same player. 

I have being attacked every 1 hours in weekend and  every 3 or 4 hours on week days from the same player, I think it’s almost a week or may be more (I just active again since last week)

I don’t care about my golds / trophies …it’s just bored and irritating saw the same player IGN attacking my base.



Don’t open your attack history, then you won’t know who attacked you, and won’t get bored or irritated since you wont know who it was.

Get over it, it will stop eventually :slight_smile: that’s a game, someone has a purpose in attacking your base, does it really matter if 1 player attacks you 10 times a day or 10 players once ? Not really, just move on and do your thing :slight_smile:

How can it be boring for you? You aren’ doing anything? 

It’s the raider who must be bored with attacking the same base over and over. 

I attack low trophy people for xp who give me 0 trophies and no gold, it’s a bit grindy, but I’ll always try and defeat them faster or with more constraints (and sometimes I lose attention and die, and they get +20 trophies from me :)).

@LordBarnot: nice poster

hope he will stop attacking us

In my attack history showing that mostly he got 0 gold n 0 trophies with 99%succesfull raid. If he attack for medals or XP, I just wonder how much he can get from my open/semi open base. 

Did he can get higher amount of XP or medals from open/semi open base ?

I also have one, who attacks me over and over again. Does not even get past my first Snake Tower - 0% everytime. No idea, why he does this.

Well, it does not do any damage, so he is welcome.

whats your IGN? maybe the community can help out so your history is filled with different players, maybe with enough attacks we can drown out his attacks so you don’t notice his.

judging by his profile pic, he is using luck weapon ->  might be just raiding you for cof.
that would make sense if you are open / semi open easy target for him.

since he isn’t taking anything from you, he probably doesn’t think he is doing any harm - obviously he has not considered your mental health.

@Fourofjacks ; that poster produced by @LordBarnot

 That poster was made because he’s non stop attacking most of us in Sleeping Lion.

Our leader already contact his leader and ask his help to stop bowoseto from attacking us, but his leader immediately unfriend our leader.

Btw my ign : The kind king 3


@orko hit me this week. I figured he needed the gold and I have no problem with it.?

Double standards

He’s not very hard. Maybe he will raid me some. I like visitors.?

I have the same standards.

His base is not very hard. It’s not that SL can’t beat him. Most of our members can farming million of golds from his base. Thanks to him :wink:

I think he will stop attacking SL when he reach lvl 130, may be in 2 weeks.

did you consider he is attacking you guys a lot since many of you are attacking him?

He was attacking us first.



I only attack open bases more then once. All my other attacks are normally done by matchmaker. @William22`s base is too strong for me, when not open. gg

I see bowoseto is back to his old tricks again. He did the same to my alliance. So we farmed him back for weeks. 

Not with bowoseto. He decided to farm us when boosts were turned off to save money. Since the boosts were turned back on. Haven’t seen him since. With this specific player it’s 1 versus many.