It's live! upgrading throne room now

8m 7 days

Yesss, I’m upgrading now. Meanwhile lets raid some gold to upgrade towers and blockades :grinning:

Chamber can be upgraded without throne room

How much gold is required for throne room upgrade?


If I read correctly treasure chamber can be upgraded without throne room?

Wiki says 8 M and 7 days

8 million for throne room 7 days


and yes treasure chamber can be upgraded without having throne room ugrade forst

Ok, thanks to inform me. Will start both of these as soon as I have collected the gold for it.

The throne room upgrade cost went from 4.5m for level 9 to 8m for level 10. I expected it to be around 6-7m.

Yeah I expected the same… was rather shocked

Looked up the wiki last night to try and make a assumption

This time players will be busy upgrading the buildings rather than concentrating on war :stuck_out_tongue: