its my idea or monks are dying faster?

the title said everything, i dont know if my monks are dying really fast or im raiding like shit ( thatcould be the problem) but i want to know if anybody is hasving the same problem.

I have noticed that they die faster when getting attacked with Skull Tower Bombs, they just die so fast - But that’s just my observation - I am not sure either…

Same feeling here 

They seem to not be healing as much, which means they die quicker, unknown if this is on purpose or a hidden tweak Flare have made.

The main reason I believe is Pro Heal Towers, their fire damage is somehow very powerful against monks, so that seems to be the culprit.

I don’t believe that’s the main reason, most heal towers are way out of range of the monks as they’re used to heal towers rather than cause damage (at least on most base layouts I play against).

You need to have the Mad Monk boost to keep them alive longer when attacking Pro Heal Towers like @KKStar said and high level skull towers. If you get a big pack of Monks with a boosted werewolf, they’ll never die. They keep on healing each other and the werewolf keeps them boosted

i have mad monk, but they die fast, i have tested them even in bases without heals towers and they still die fast, and i think like other player said, they dont heal much now, or they take more time to do it.

Nope they don’t die faster, monks are just extremely vulnerable to Blunt damage. Take cannons for instance. maxed cannon (perked) only needs like 4-5 shots to kill 1 monk. Skull towers also just annihilate them. In genral blunt damage is the culprit. It’s been like that for ages.

It’s not only monks attacker’s are dieing easily everywhere check pro leagues or festival event.

Well, a cluster of strong skull towers will destroy anything in 1-2 bursts so I’d say it’s blunt damage’s fault, like ShiroKo said.

Though it can’t be ruled out that flare tweaked some stats again (deliberately or not) but to be sure you’d need a recorded experiment of old monks and new monks.

Max mad monks that have been perked > 70 times (roughly equal amongst all three stats), can’t seem to survive even in a lot of non-boosted bases I go through in the festival event.  The only way I can keep them alive (a group of 3-4), is use shield during the raid.  Note that my shield spell is not maxed out yet (old max) but still heavily perked.

Like others, I have noticed that they do die quite quickly against blunt damage, be it from cannons or skull towers.

Monks have lower hp than other high morale units, wolf and ogre (also blunt resistance).
and they tend to wander off by themselves more to heal things, or feared.

a pack of 6 boosted cannons do enough damage per round of shots to kill a boosted monk. ie every second 6 boosted cannons can do enough damage to kill a monk

One salvo from one skull tower can kill a boosted monk.

Its not that there is a blunt vulnerability, rather most of the high damage most players see is from skull towers and cannons which just happen to be blunt. Send a lone monk into a pack of arbs it will also die quickly. Conversely try 2-3 knights vs a pack of cannons or skull tower and they will die fast just the same.

Another issue for monks is where other units (wolf / ogre) might keep walking past the initial salvo of bombs from skull tower, the monk will stop to heal and possibly take every bomb.

But besides all the above facts, that Monks have less HP than Ogres, are slower than Wolves and have a longer beard than Mummies, I think there has been some kind of buff to them. They spawn and die. Even if they cast heal, my king does not even gain a little HP. This was different about 2 weeks ago …

I mentioned a nerv as well and changed my combo because of that.

Something has changed without us being told. A month ago I was cruising against most bases. Now I’m getting my butt kicked often and having to $croll. Highly suspicious Flare has nerfed some of my favorite troops, spells and PALs. Maybe bad luck, but Bella was pitiful this morning, neither healing my king or converting enemy troops.

Did you start noticing that during the last mini monk war boost (like 2 or 4 weeks ago)? That’s when I noticed that they were dying faster than usual.

Since then either things got back to normal or I adapted my style of play. I don’t know. Right now I can’t really tell anymore.

Time to abandon the last useful unit that Flare added since the dungeons launched.

i would like to read an answer from flare about this, because its really weird that one troop isnt longer good as its used to be.

Yes, as you now say it, yes I think it was then. Same feeling here.