It's ok to lose once in awhile, since it's a multiplayer game

I’m not quite sure why so many players are frustrated because they lose. They picked up a multiplayer game. It’s part and parcel of it. It’s ok to lose, learn from it, then play the game again. Every single multiplayer game is like that. It’s meant to be competitive.


If you want to feel absolutely powerful like a God in the game, play single player games. I’m not at all bashing single player games. I love single player games, like Witcher 3. You can buff Geralt and get all items in the game, so powerful that you can kill anything, even bosses in the game, with just few whirlwind slashes. Don’t like Witcher? Sure, there are games like Grim Dawn, and Doom single player. Point is, you want to feel absolutely dominating in the entire game, pick a single player game.


In multiplayer games, there are wins and losses. Deal with it.

So what do You

So what do You think about this new Conquest boost? I am very astonished by their power. Especially garg. when it is on tower. And I feel it is a bit too powerfull combo or mayby tower boost health is to strong. Winning against it is extreemly hard.

It has good damage but doesn’t do anything to “disable” or “stop” your units. If you think about it from that perspective, it’s actually VERY easy to counter. A counter to pure damage means just get more heal, i.e. put out more insta monks to neutralize the damage output by those gargoyle towers.


Of course, I have to admit, I’m a bit stubborn. I do 99% of my raids without insta and would rather lose than to wait for my teammates to donate before I start my raids again. BUT, if the question is, is there a way to counter it? The answer is absolutely yes.

Of course there is a way to counter. There is always a way. But lookin at to 10 defs I must say that I don’t feel that this new boosts r well prepared. I don’t mind loosing and don’t mind that top aliances bases r almost impossible to ride for me. Without loosing playing RR wil be as playing some kind of ‘farm life’. I just see how mid bases with new boosts rised their medals and trophys and how this new boost mix is devastating when You compare it with classic elite boosts.


Why looking at the top 10 defenses you don’t feel that the new boosts are well prepared? I say it’s otherwise. If you look at other multiplayer games, it’s also always those who paid the most who are on top. The difference is, many other games, no matter what you do, you just can’t beat those pay-to-win.


In RR2, however, it’s toned down to a point that even if you don’t pay, you can still beat the top bases with a bit of creativity. There’s not “always a way to counter” for every multiplayer game out there. Fortunately, in RR2, like you said, there is always a way to counter no matter what those pay-to-win players pay to have.


Pay-to-win players get added advantage by paying money, so they are happy.

Free-to-play players know that those advantages are not so much that one cannot overcome, so they are happy too.


Who are those who complain? Those who don’t want to pay as much as VL players, but still want to beat VL players without learning how to overcome those advantages.

I am looking at top, high and mid bases to get reference point. It is just what I saw - new boosts raised up even mid bases to high level. I don’t know nothing about other MP games. Personally I like that top is on top even if it is pay to win. I just don’t want to learn how to run their bases bacause it’s a bit boring for me and i am don’t have such skills also. It’s much more interesting when playing on mid-high level - sometimes win / sometimes loose without multiple tests

Exactly @LacunaC, of course, we all get really frustrated whenever we lose an attack, even before the balances. Maybe we lose slightly more often now, but I’m sure we can all figure out new ways to make it work. Remember, look at the troops and towers that are the defense to determine what you should use to attack, cause one combo will not beat every base anymore

Usually is OK as long is not because of bugs, performance or imbalance.

I see a lot of talk about counterplay to the twisted trickster boost, but I see nothing specific about which spells/troops/pals.

I use POW, Ceres, toxic shield pal flute. 

I play KOW, Kaiser, Shield, Blizard, Firestorm. I also have 2K healing aura and two perks for blizard. I play on 4,6K trophys range

Here’s my combo against N base filled with gargoyle towers, with skull gear. Had to use insta monks (tried and lost many times without insta and still trying to one day do it without insta).

Every single raid I’ve watched, of players showing how to beat bases after the offense nerf, is using well forged heal aura rings. Absolutely 100% of the videos.

Is it still possible without that? @LacunaC

Of course a well forged defense should demand a well forged offense, no question about that.
I’m just curious if that single item is making as much impact as it seems. ?

I got my heal aura ring just recently and still forging it to a decent status, currently ~40%.

It is possible, if the base is a skull base. I mean, it would be silly bringing a bombkick aura ring to a base with nothing to kick.

so it isnt :wink: play battles in which you are normally using heal ring without it.