Its Over I'm Done

I could deal with the scream and speed nerf. I could deal with the lopsided match ups in war. I could deal with the fact that in Tournaments their always seems to be an oddly single lvl 99 player competing against a bunch of lvl 80-70 players so as to force then all to spend food money etc. to keep up with 2nd or 3rd place. I can deal with the crappy gem sales that say 75% off but the amount of gems you get for the amount of money you spend never changes just the % off number in the corner of the icon. I can deal with the high in game gold costs for upgrades that make little or no difference between the last level upgrade but take 8 days to complete. I can deal with the lopsided deffensive strength vs offensive ability so as to get you to scroll and purchase gems. I can deal.


But when you nerfed the speed boosts and scream boosts and then all week long and so far this weekend all i have been getting offered at Grannies is scream boost gear? After waiting to get higher scream boost gear for months the only way i got it was after you negated the scream boost gear i already had? Its an insult to my intelligence and a slap in the face.


Since I’m leaving i can speak plainly now.Flare is a vulture corp. It is a predetory company and full of sh@t. If you continue to play this game and are an adult you are either a complete idiot or you have too much money and time to waste or your some snot nosed kid who doesn’t care because its his parents money he/she is spending anyway.No fully functionng human being would continue to throw good after bad in such an obvious back handed way


In short this game is for retirees, rich people or kids who’s parents spoil them.If you actually have a life and priorities and this is something you “try” to do to pass the time inbetween lulls in action then this game is not for you!


Id rather spend this time and money on a stripper with a fake butt implant and a wooden leg then give it to these Used Car salsemen any longer


Peace out and enjoy being robbed and good luck!


(P.S I didn’t mean to insult anyone i genuinely do wish you guys who choose to stay good luck  just blowing off steam is all)

live long and prosper…but honestly all you did in the forums was just to complain XD

Er… I never meant to post on this type of post, but here goes:


But there actually is something I want to say! Having played/observed 5 accounts to date, from 0-4000+ trophies, I can tell you this. ROYAL REVOLT ACTUALLY IS A FUN GAME!! … But mostly/only at the lower levels. Like i saw someone else say somewhere on the forums, once you unlock Sonic blast and get your first skull tower, the majority of the fun is gone from the game.

Granny is doing that to me too.

Items with good scream were the hardest thing to find in the store and they never came with a discount. And now that I don’t need more scream, because I already have 100%, she’s offering me items with scream boost  <_<

I completely disagree, I think that when you do get those the fun just gets started 

Why does the fun go? I have a skull tower (which does sweet F all) but sonic blast I may actually be able to win a raid nice and easily. Higher levels seem to use it alot so must be good. I will never get 4m to upgrade the Throne Room and then 2m to get sonic blast but here’s to hope!

Well indeed true! Actually I`m a veteran who left this game, because you cant actually play it without spending (for real) if not, then you will be outdated.

I disagree. I have already played many games and never spent real money (I can buy, but just dont like it). Many players are like me and dont spend money in-game. We just have patience.


It’s a different type of fun. If you have played from level 0 to level 80 a total of 3 times, you will know what I mean. Personally, I prefer the other type of fun, before Sonic Blast.



This is exactly what I mean. Before Sonic Blast and Skull Towers you are somewhat clueless; you are still in the learning stage. It has a whole type of fun to it; what you can do and upgrade seem absolutely endless.


And don’t worry, you’ll get your four million! :slight_smile:

I believe that people have different opinions and a debate like this is always nice but I’d prefer not to get off topic