It's starting to bore now

I couldn’t help but notice it is getting boring with the new schedule. No action for days. It is not just me but other players feel the same I guess. The new schedule will help players get off the addiction. I I think we are going to see decline in player activity soon.  :mellow:

absolutly agree

Make the event longer!

I’ve seen complaints that the new schedule is too busy, lols. I like the new schedule, though this break between ninja and war is longer than usually, not sure why but hopefully it is only one time thing.

I like this new schedule too, I just don’t like the too tiny events. But also I can’t believe players are actually complaining of not spending more time in the game lol. Because when wars happened more frequently, some players complained about Flare wanting to steal their time and money…

It would be great to reschedule events not before war but it should be after war season ends. It should be of 3 days like before…

Lol, People will criticize including me. There is always another perspective.

The schedule is ok, no problems with that. The event durations are like a joke, just a day. Keep it 2 days, it is decent enough.

I’m ok with tiny events when it comes to offense/defense etc events, when it comes to BS event of course it is too short but you never can have everything you would want so that’s ok. However, as I said, this time a break between ninja and war was longer than usually (or maybe I’m wrong?), I feel it is, like 4-5 days ? Befoe it was 2-3 ? So I think when once in a while a longer break like this happens, then it should be a time to have a bit longer event in between. Other days, when a break is shorter 1day event is ok.

@Mag You are correct. Nowadays, Flare starts wars and ninja events on Friday however the Ninja event lasts 3 days whereas wars last 5 days. So Ninja to War break is a bit longer.

I’m fine with one day BS event if they keep giving us insta pearls for 90mins

Schedule is probably fine, game is busy enough, time between being able to win boosts is probably too long.

The only thing I noticed in this remark was the word “getting” and the word “think”     We are worlds apart ,  so I cant even answer. :lol:

Are the guys who are complaining doing any Job?  :slight_smile:

The only problem I see with the new schedule is Flare thinking I want to play the game for hours every weekend. I like having less war and feel war should be capped at 5 battles  besides champions. Maybe even have a rule that each Alliance can only be attacked by 2 alliances at a time. We need something to reduce the amount of time we are required to play. The event schedule is also a joke. One day is not enough time to really take advantage of a good event.


That’s why I suggested a league system. You battle each alliance exactly twice for 5 days in a row. This way each alliance has exactly 10 wars, two wars per day. So max 20 raids in total during a normal war season. A loser bonus would be obsolete, so also this is a big plus.

They only have to think on chest rewards that now depend too much on scored skulls. But with 10 fights per war, we can do 100 raids. Players who support their team, should also be rewarded similar.

Advantage is that war season isn’t that boring, you don’t fight same team every time again and again. And you have a nicer promotion/demotion system.  

Now the obvious strongest team on the map decides who is going to be second or third place, they can cut the map in two parts and make season boring for other teams. With a division/league system this is all history. Are the seasons too hard, demote and have a better chance. Are the seasons a walk in the park, promote a few times and seasons will be challenging. Still there will be teams deliberately losing one season (demote) and winning the next one (promote), but that can be compensated by more fair war boost rewards.

The higer your division, the stronger your war boosts (replacement of fiefdoms).

i want only 5 battles an attack

gold is this games MAIN problem and the waiting time for war is very long and boring, ninja event is not fun like wars , i want war cooldown or waiting time to be 2days or 3

Ya, add to you boredom new +1 levels of everything.  :angry: