It's time for a new UNIT

It’s nice that we got new heroes, that a new island chain opened etc. but I think it’s about time for a new Unit, what do you think? 

My suggestion would Hades Pet, Cerberus


And also interesting would be a small unit, which has a strategical role. A healing unit maybe? Or a unit that can jump over barricades and block for a short time the enemies units? A unit that blocks damage? A suicide unit that deals damage on death? 

flying unit… to hover over all the spearmen that are piled up :wink:


You mean permanent flying?

yeah like a unicorn

then we would need another unit that can shoot flying units down

and in greek mythology there is pegasus, maybe that is your unicorn

On 10 units in game, 6 of them deal physical damage, 2 deal poison, 1 deals lightning, 1 deals ice, none of them fire.

Only archers are ranged. The hydras’ spitting is too weak to be counted as a range unit, and the griffin jumping isn’t range.

So we need a fire / range unit.

A chimera? A Khalkotauroi?

Sirens are ranged units too.

And archers do have a fire attack, just not their primary attack. But it is weird that only blessed minos have a normal fire attack.