It's time for flare to take control of their game

Flare needs to take control of the game. It is unacceptable that I should be attacked over 20 times this week by hackers! Others have been attacked as well and there has to be some sort of compensation that flare can give us. Now, I do want to point out that these guys are not only beating me with level 1 knights and level 1 hammerstrike, but they’re also stealing 120k gold per attack while I’m under 1M gold. That CANNOT happen. My gold is protected at 1M or under. I, as well as others who have this problem, need compensation for all these attacks. If I don’t receive anything back from this, I’m quitting. I cannot stay in a game that is filled with hackers

I’m not sure if you saw it or not, but Madlyn made a post about cheat detection- there’s a new section dedicated to that that the devs will investigate.


Well through the forest of sub forums, I also didn’t notice that topic. That’s what I meant with getting lost in the subsections of current forum setup.

Found it,

Had to read this topic to find it 

Really didn’t notice it on first sight.



I gave links in my previous post. Madlen told there, we should use that subforum to show screenshots of cheats, this one will be probably deleted.

PS: I read new Forum rules? Are u kidding the Comunity? Flare wake up 

Get him Flare! He`s a multi-account user!!!11!1  :wink:

Hi Darkkaos,

I am wide awake :grinning:

lol, there is a saying: So many trees that you can’t see the forest.

What I think is cheating is flare itself cheating us out of our money spent on pearl drops on spells and tower upgrades yes you gave us a bit more but on running a mid lvl alliance it’s not! With my spells I have speed the drops and then you go and nerf them that’s not right I spent 2 years working on that specific spells spent hundreds of dollars for you to nerf them! No wonder why players are leaving by the hundreds a week! Dont even get me started on conquest because that’s a monster itself but atleast give us the full boosted amount we get until the next one like we have in war or ninja for god sake we spend way more on that for a quarter of the boosts let’s get real flare do it right or dont do it at all!!! This is WRATH359/ DEATHBEFOREDISHONER! I’m a monster in game and one of the biggest spenders to play so help me help you!! 

Fyi keep it up you will see your biggest spenders fall out for other games and I can garrity you it wont be anything made by flare or anything related with you!! Hand down I loved this game for the non spend quality it had a few months ago it was awesome now I’m growing to hate it to be honest! Because with me putting my thousands of dollars into game that I have put in I cant beat a player my own trophy lvl anymore so what the point!?? Let’s get real with the game again and not have us fight pro league that is literally impossible for god sake!! We cant even have towers that strong our selves or are you giving us a lvl 60 hero lol those details would be important to the players you hope to keep!! Though I highly doubt many top players will stay playing after this!!!as always HAPPY HUNTING DBD OUT AND GOOD LUCK FLARE GAME THE FUTURE IS NOT LOOKING GOOD FOR THIS GAME (FYI)

You can hate it or love it but with where I have my drops into everything I could be top 50 players in game easy if I went to a top 10 alliance I have lvl 130 players loose to my defense in my alliance at this lvl dont tell me I’m not top when 1 time warp with my troop boost lvl can beat a lvl 130 in a lvl 80 alliance! I know know this game to well to be played like a fool! TEST IT ITS NOT A JOKE!