Flare its about time you made SIGNIFICANT changes to events. Many events are useless to the players who have maxed everything. This current event is useless to many players because they have maxed their units and spells. There needs to be features in every event that will help maxed players. Its wrong that max players shouldn’t have any benefit from events.

Only useful event is alliance party or Smith  for maxed :slightly_frowning_face:

Maxed player can still gain benefit in this event, because flare add +30% conversion for gems to gold.

Yeah I mean if you max everything then just enjoy the stress free time you have in the game until the next update comes by

And what exactly should players with everything maxed spend gems on during this event? ???

Alliance daily donation ?

this event will be useless to most non-maxed players too, only units and spells and many players (like me) have already started upgrading and neither will finish within the event time. For the long CD upgrading spells where this is most useful - highest chance it won’t end within the time. 

@GalaMorgane this has been requested previously, but no response or feedback from flare. For one dungeon event all in progress CD were reduced to the event max so most people could benefit and enjoy the event. Maybe you could advise to the devs that events such as this could be made more enjoyable by also reducing in progress upgrades to the max cd. Else for many players this event is a non-event. 

edit: other option being to announce these events earlier. There’s an obvious disconnect giving only 24hr notice when the upgrades run up to 7 days.

I have all my stuff maxed, but I’m cool with this for the lower level folks.  I’m glad they get a chance to move up and get closer to maxed folks, and for those in my alliance who are close and this will get them to max.

Frankly, my fear is that complaints like this will get Flare to issue more levels for everything and I’ll have to grind again.  I’m happy to have the down time.

Events are meant for the entire RR2 community. Events should offer something to everyone regardless of level. If one CHOOSES to not  participate in an event that his choice but events like these are just non events for many people. I’d like to participate but theres nothing left for me to do so I twiddle my thumbs? No flare doesn’t need to add levels but maybe they can run multiple events at once so there’s something for everyone. Like im still building  some spikes and blockades and I have other towers I haven’t maxed yet. I’m sure  most players in the game still have things they would like to upgrade or build. So why can’t we have a double event so that everyone can take part? 

Events are optional there’s no pressure to take part in them. All I’m saying is that every event should offer something to players regardless of their level… 

Run multiple events at once?  It’s called a community event. 

There is always something for you to do. Raid, gain XP, level up, gain crowns, forge the things you’ve maxed, etc.

A community event that is useless to half the players. Makes a lot of sense…

How about a community event with some NEW events. Something we’ve never seen before! 

Actually, to add to what I said just a second ago, the NEW events would be something like, Gem Price is half off for boosting farms, taverns, and BS! (With the exclamation to make it look exciting :wink:  ). 

Actually, I’m waiting for discount pro tickets because there are discount for pal chest but I guess it’ll not realized as some players say that pro ticket is already cheap. ?

It’s birthday soon, so:

New throne room level

New level to all units/towers/spells

New Pal level?

Maybe more dungeons

New alliance levels

  • whatever the new content is

i hope you are wrong

AUGH NO!!! I am already way behind because of my 2 months off after my laptop broke. A new TR Level and new units, towers, and spells would ruin me. Plus, we already have enough dungeons. And lol, new alliance levels? What! You want to make the gap between the top and lower even wider? No way

Less than 5 months have passed since the arrival of the viking, pal flute, ect. There are less than 7 months between the arrival of the necromacer and that of viking.

Please no new levels, particularly not ones that require gems