I've no name in my league!

Some body, who is mod or smod…, pls tell me why i’ve no name in my leage.

My ID: King Tuan.Tt  not Mr Huy Hoang (detail see attached file)

pls hepl me!!!

Tell me why

Maybe just a bug , it should not effect your game experience I believe and I can find King Tuan. Tt in Immortal Legends , so nothing to be worried about.If you still have concern , I will pass to Jona

Thanks Fil, i still playing game as normal… But i’ve no name in my league, it’s mean that i will not receive gem when league finish

You can send report to support team if you don’t receive the reward , taking screenshot would be good I think and then they will credit the gems

hahahahahah  what a bug lol :wink: