I've played since last Spring-- nagging questions

Hi all, So I’ve been playing this game for more than half a year. I like the game obviously, but I’ve found many things about it confusing and frustrating. If you can help me understand some of these things, I’d appreciate it.


I’ve noticed a placement of firebolt towers that appears to allow them to shoot cannons without the cannons being able to return fire. Is this actually possible? I’ve noticed that a lot of people can conquer my base even though I can’t at all. Is this because they just have a higher level than me, or are there tactics and skills I don’t know about (maybe I’m not as good at the game as I think?) Is there still a lot of cheating? I read a few months ago that cheating was a problem.


How does calling my troops work? It seems sometimes they come running after me, while other times they get stuck.


Is there a wiki or any sort of in depth article or video where someone explains how to play the game?


How does the mummy, gargoyle and werewolf work? I find them confusing.


In general, the game seems to change how it works over time, and the official stats of different towers and units don’t seem to describe how they behave in-game. Is there any record of this anywhere?





  1. yes, it is possible. I said this as well…sometimes 3 cannons cannot shot even one ball before die under fb towers fire medium-high level…I think that this is too much but anyway it works fine…you have only to learn how and when and with what got cannons…


  1. same…your answers are all true…i see that kings with 3-4 levels less than me can get 100% my base without scrolls…probably because they are more skilled, more strategy and so on…and yes, cheating is possible but the differences between attackers and base should be a lot…


  1. you cannot…it happens to me too and I think to a lot of players…if they are “distracted” by other troops/barricades/towers, the scream remove frost, increase speed slightly but sometimes they do not follow you…


  1. yes there is here http://royal-revolt-2.wikia.com/wiki/Royal_Revolt_2_Wiki


  1. you can read on wiki pages… :slight_smile:

Hi there, and welcome to the forums.


Firebolt towers have a slightly larger range than cannons, so they can shoot before cannons can. However, I am currently aware of no placement pattern that doesn’t allow cannons to reach them at all. Usually they just need to move a little bit further forward to reach the tower after the firebolt tower can reach the cannons. However, cannons do target barricades, traps, blockades and mortars (only unit type that gets targetted by cannons!), and depending on the layout, cannons might first try to fire at those before firing at a (further back) firebolt tower that in turn can already reach your cannons.


Both might be true: Stronger kings attacking your (weaker) base, and kings with similar strength but more experience, better tactics or just a better combination of troops and spells equipped. Also two kings with similar level can still have a differently strong base, as levelling up your king and spells is not directly related to levelling up your towers or waves. (There are some cheaters/hackers, but the percentage of those is tiny, hence the aforementioned cases are a lot more likely.)


Next to the pause button, there’s an icon which you an click for a “hero scream”, which attracts your troops and removes slowness effects from your king and your troops.


There are some wikis (just google “royal revolt wiki” and there will be some results). Also there are some great youtube videos on royal revolt 2, e.g. from FloThaBoss, Sn1kt, Jason Wivart and others.


Gargoyles blow up themselves and thereby damage all hostile units, obstacles and towers within a small radius. They can fly across path overlap to target hostile units and structures.

Mummies are a strong melee unit that can cast a stun spell. Unlike all other units, when summoning it in battle, it spawns next to your hero and not at the tent.

Werewolves can jump over hostile blockades/barricades, are pretty fast overally and can case a howling spell, strengthening and speeding up itself and allied units within a small range - similar to the battle cry scroll.


Snake towers deal additional damage against the king.


Edit: I see Bolz1 was faster… still I hope I got some points he might have missed out :grinning:


Here these videos will help you a ton


f you want to see raw  game play experience check my channel out its Jason Wivart or just search Royal revolt 2 and I’m literally everywhere as I have like 500 video on the game. A lot of game play and tactics, but you can also find some special news and announcements on there. Things like they are implementing daily log in bonuses in the near future and forums integration into the game soon as well!.


I just talked a lot about the elite boosts which will again change the game significantly in the coming days so it is worth a look


The game is always evolving and new tactics and units and become better/weaker with balance changes that seem to happen fairly frequent and also new level for units and towers…it can be overwhelming and it is hard to understnad everything but this is the best place to start. LOOK under the announcement tab to see the latest patch notes that flare releases for the updates!

Thanks much guys!


I will definitely have a look at wiki and videos.


I guess its hard knowing what’s going on without talking to other players. Also-- its hard to admit some of them are better than me!


But you guys have reassured me that the game is fair and given me inspiration to get better! so thanks.


Keep it real, keep it royal :slight_smile:

Jason W’s vids are like the best for starting up playing RR2… .they can be compared to Dummies series or the 101 series. You can reach the man himself here on the forum as