January/February Q&A - answers


Here are some selected answers to your questions. We will publish an extension to the questions later this or next week :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for asking questions!

Q: Sorry but no resistance don’t work correctly if you have play Diablo 2, Diablo 3 or I don’t know torchlight or any MMORPG or RPG.

The games you are talking about are very different games, and are balanced in very different ways. Resistance in OR can feel weak, if the Hero is attacked by a very strong attack. In the games you mentioned, you are (mostly) playing PvE. OR is PvP; Imagine how annoying it would be if every Hero which attacked your defence had the ability to ignore damage completely.

Q: How that for example defence with Hero Temple level 12 and everything else upgrade at max for that level except Apolo gate gate is let say on level 10 kill your Hero in a split off second no mether how big resistance you have on everything , and same defence Hero temple level 12 all full upgrade for that level and Apolo gate also upgrade will not even scratch your strong hero ??

It’s unlikely that this is caused by the Gate not being levelled. There are several mechanics in the game which can be min-maxed. For example:

·         When your Ascension Level goes up, you get matched against people with a higher level. So that follows: if you keep your Ascension Level low, you fight weaker opponents. Upgrading or building raises your level, so if you build and upgrade the absolute minimum and concentrate only on defence, you will be stronger than the average player of your level. There are several buildings in the game which you don’t need to upgrade to max your defence, in fact you need never build the Theatre of Dionysos. Also, if you know which Towers you will use, you need only build those ones.

·         Bearing the above point in mind, if you have a lower level gate, then players will have less time to beat your defence. Also, you need less Towers to completely fill out your defence. This means you will be lower Ascension Level, and still have a maxed out defence.

·         When you stay at an Ascension Level for a long time, you can still accrue Enhancements from the Odyssey, making you stronger and stronger for your level, as most players won’t have so many Enhancements at that level.

This means it is very possible to purposefully stunt your growth, in order to have a very strong defence at a lower level. These players will seem OP when you fight them, especially compared to others of their level.

However, while this gives you a strong defence for your level, there are several mechanics in the game which mean that players who do this cannot compete with high Ascension Level players on the leaderboard. For example: each time you gain an Ascension Level, your entire defence gets a boost. This makes it near impossible for a low level player to compete at the top.

So these players have an advantage at their level, but at some point they will need to choose between remaining at that level and being very strong, or competing at the top of the game. I expect that this is a more likely explanation for the strong defences.


Q: concerning masteries… we can fill/have/choose 5 slots…** does the order of those slot have any impact?**

No, the order is irrelevant, the only interesting thing here is that the slot type influences which Masteries can be rolled there.


Q: Are war rewards that directly expedite forging and equipment set building being considered?

Yes, we already give out some max-star items in the War, and we are considering other related ideas, not only in the War.


Q: I would like to see a storage facility, in a “vault sense”. Ambrosia/Gold/Wisdom

An interesting idea; we will discuss it within the team.


Q: Could OR get a Proposed Balancing Changes subforum like RR2 has?

Yes, this is something we could consider.


Q: Defensive/offensive modes only affect troops, not the hero

Not entirely true; DoT spells are slightly reduced in power when in defensive mode.


Q: Is there any possibility of of ever adding a “low-power” mode that maybe dials down the graphics or particle effects or something? This is the only app I’ve ever used that will drain a battery while it’s plugged in and charging.

This is possible. We will look into whether we can easily implement an option/slider.


Q: why is there nearly a constant trashhold of 10k trophies between 1st and 2nd place on the leaderboard (for weeks now…)?

Because the top players are fighting a lot. When we made some changes to try and prevent players hitting a wall at a certain Trophy range, this opened up the top of the leaderboard, allowing very high Trophy scores.


Q: do you have plans on sharing more statistical informations of players and their wins/losses of raids and defences, … ?

We might be able to share some stats, but we will not make it player-specific, as we do not want to give out such information on individual players, when they potentially don’t want this info shared.


Q: somewhere you told us that there is a mechanism that top (? every?) players are more linked to lower players because that people “always” attack player who are worth 15 points and this would be sooo unfair… do you still think this is a good idea?

If you mean allowing high level players to attack lower ones: all the information that we have currently shows us that it is currently still the case that players attack high-Trophy targets. However, we did slightly reduce the impact of this change, recently.


Q: what happens if it gets to the cap (lets say 75%), will that choice be removed from possible selection?


Olympians, please find part 2 now below and once again thanks for all the questions! We hope the answers help you and may you have Zeus’ blessing! :slight_smile:


Q: I have a couple of questions (I’ll make two posts). The first question is about the damage we receive. Say, the GK hits your hero with 100K damage. The hero has 90% of Physical Resistance. Does it mean that he’s gonna take only 10K of damage?

That’s almost correct. The Hero Statue has a special damage modifier that causes it to deal triple damage to Heroes. This means that instead of 100k it would actually do 300k damage of which 90% get resisted, so the Hero takes 30k damage.

Q: One step further is how resistances work with Damage Reflection? Let’s resume the example above, but you add 30% of Damage Reflection upon 90% of Physical. You can see the quote attached in the message, it says that DR reflects X% of the damage you would take. I can think of 2 scenarios:

  1. You would take 10K damage thanks to physical resistance, so 3K damage is reflected back and you take 7K damage. The combination results in 93% resistance.
  2. The resistance is hard capped at 90%, so you take 10K damage. But the damage reflected back? 30% of what? 100K or 10K?

Damage Reflection is calculated before elemental resistances. In your example, damage is first reduced by 30% (which gets reflected) and the remaining 70% are then reduced by 90% (resistance), resulting in 7% damage taken.

Q: If the hero and the GK both have DR. Would the reflected damage be reflected back so it kinda goes back and forth forever? Or you’d take the total amount of reflected damage because it can’t be resisted (not even by DR)?

Reflected damage doesn’t bounce back and forth.

Q: My second question is about the Speed Attack perk. I can imagine that 30% of Speed Attack would add 30% to the damage output (per second). But how about the combination of speed attack with Life on Hit or with stun? Technically it should add 30% to LoH because you hit 30% faster, right?

Correct, having more Attack Speed increases how often you stun enemies and how much you heal through Life on Hit.

Q: But is it really the case (is it really on hit or per second)? Same with stun, say 50%, does it mean 50% chance of stun per second or per hit?.

Every hit heals the Hero. But as some attacks are faster (or slower) than others, this is indeed normalized per second. An attack that is 2 seconds long gives you twice the amount of health compared to an attack that is only 1 second long. A fast attack that is only 0.5 seconds long gives you only half as much health.

The same applies to other procs like Stun, Petrify or Frostbite Chance. Faster attacks have a lower proc chance, slower attacks have a higher proc chance.

ALL bonuses to a Hero’s Attack Speed are applied after this normalization so all these Chances and Life on Hit benefit from a higher Attack Speed.

Q: LoH and Siren Heal are factors of the health of the hero/unit. Do they decrease with damage taken or are they fixed?

Both are factors of the Hero’s/Siren’s maximum health. They don’t decrease with damage taken.

Q: What happens to the stats when activation the defence button during a fight? does it increase health, all elemental resistance or anything else? and does it reduce damage / attack speed?

Defence Mode modes does the following:

·         Reduce all damage taken by the Hero and units by 80%

·         Reduce all damage dealt by the Hero (incl. Powers) and units by 25%

·         Reduce movement speed of the player’s units by 50%

Q: What causes Ajax to die almost instantly when you use whirlwind in a densely packed area (also known as exactly where you’d want to use whirlwind)? I’m assuming LoH gets shut off right away, but do resistances also get shut off? Damage reflection? Masteries? It’s like a suicide button and it’s only getting worse as towers do more damage. He can stand in the middle of a death corner and fight fine, but as soon as you hit whirlwind it’s insta** -gib. Body parts flying everywhere. It’s a mess.**

Yes, Ajax doesn’t get any health back from Life on Hit during Whirlwind. All other effects should still be active though. If this is not the case, then that would be a bug.

Q: Does demolition and frostbite “stack”? If they both proc on the same hit vs a tower or barricade, will it double the damage of the demolition-enhanced attack? If so, is this intended, particularly in light of the recent buff to frostbite?

Yes, Demolition and Frostbite stack and can proc on the same hit. It’s not intended that the Frostbite proc increases the Demolition damage though.

Q: We know the HP of troops spitted out by Charon’s towers depends from the Charon’s levels. But, do they depend also from the level of your troops (like, at X level of charon **the troop gains a +XX% life and +YY% damage) ? or is it a fixed amount not linked to the effective level of your spearmen/archers/warriors/**syrens **** (as in, **** charon **** level X = spearmen with YYY HP) ?

The Charon Tower’s level is irrelevant. It always spawns the defending players Spearmen, Warriors, Archers or Sirens.

Q: Bia what buffs? (Perks, damage etc) list them all please**.**

Attack speed, movement speed and damage reduction for all units.

Q: Ice damage (fb) got buffed up to 300%… how it really works? Through attack speed? Cooldown? Damage? Or bia**? Or with all of them at once?**

When Frostbite procs, the particular attack (weapon swing) that caused the Frostbite does 3 times as much damage (100% Physical + 200% Ice) as it would normally do (and slows the target for 3 seconds).

Q: The hero’s Damage is affected by bia**? Attack Speed? If so, what’s the real multiplier?**

The Hero is affected in the same way as all other units. You can see the numbers in the Power’s description.

Q: When dealing damage to units/structures via elemental damage, what’s the real multiplier damage that we deal? How to calculate it?

Not sure whether I understood the question correctly but Powers do triple damage to defences.

Q: Towers damage multiplier is? And that damage affects what/who? Units/hero?

Sorry but I don’t understand that question.

Q: Heroes with built-in resistances are still vulnerable such as Cadmus/Prometheus that get too much damage by fire… is it possible to increase that built-in resistance from 50% to 60%? Same for Artemis that just few ppl use.

It is possible but instead of increasing all Heroes’ innate resistances, we would rather tweak resistances for selected Heroes if we think they might need a buff. Please feel free to give us more precise feedback if you think that a particular Hero should have higher resistances.

Q: What is Units/spells damage multiplier? If that multiplier gets activated…how or when it does get activated?

Once again, I don’t understand this question. Can you give an example?

Q: Are you aware that some buffs from the odyssey crossed that 20% that you mentioned in another thread? If so, what are you going to do with this issue? Remove/cut the excessive %, let’s say from 31% barricade buff, you cut it down to 20%? I’m asking this while we are still on time and the game won’t get broken.

We will never take away any Enhancements people have earned by playing the Odyssey.

Q: Does the gk damage affects units/hero? If yes, what’s the multiplier?

The Hero Statue does normal physical damage to units. Damage against the Hero is tripled.

Q: On a side note… is it possible to add a re-rolling option when we refine an item or unique object? There are those moments when we have to deal with a 50-50 moment, using a silver item, can we re-roll using wisdom/gold/gems so instead of X we then choose Y? Just remove that ? that comes up.

Being able to re-roll the perk you get by refining is an interesting idea. How often would you (or others) use it though? You can control quite well which perk you will get by avoiding destroying items with more than one potential new perk. It just takes longer to find one that suits you.

Q: What is Tartarus invocation duration? How long it last after being cast and how damage multiplier is used in it? Does it matter if I sacrifice 1 spearman, or an entire army of Hydras (say 10)?

  • The Invocation lasts 30 seconds; the regular Power lasts 24 seconds.
  • The buff always increases the Hero’s attack speed by 30%. It also massively increases the damage dealt by the Hero. By how much actually depends on the total Morale cost of the units that were sacrificed: starting at 3x for 1 Morale, up to 8x for 20 Morale.
  • Also, the explosion caused by sacrificing the units is multiplied by their total Morale cost. For example at maximum level Tartarus does 18k damage per Morale point. That would be 18k damage for sacrificing a Spearman (1 * 1 Morale) or 1.8M damage for 10 Hydras (10 * 10 Morale).

Q: I’d like to ask a question about Ajax’ Frenzy. It says 2.00 damage area. What does it mean? Does it add 200% of AD (the area damage perk which has the same symbol), which results in a total of 300% of AD? Or the damage area is 2X bigger?

In the case of Frenzy, 2 is the range (comparable to other ranges in the game). 100% of the attack damage is done in this area and it should stack with the Area Damage perk.

Q: Does ice resistant reduce the frost damage also?

Frostbite deals ice damage. Yes, Heroes with Ice Resistance take less damage from Frostbite procs.

Q: The bonus of frost applies to attack speed? … or just raw damage ?

Frostbite does not affect attack speed.



@Madlen Thanks for the answers! However, I have some doubt about the “hero” part here. I have tested with my own defence using Jason. Offense or defence mode, he’s kill by a Phoenix by the same duration, and he also destroyed the gate with the same duration (weapon attack only, I am not talking about power).

I also made a test with power, but since my gate are low and I can only use one Talos before the gate is destroyed, I didn’t see visible difference.

Hey @Madlen thanks for the answers!

Some of the questions have not been answered (I’ve only checked my posts for now), and there 1-2 things that for example I do not understand. The devs also didn’t understand some of the questions as they said, can we get a round 2 based on these specific cases?

good morning , Is it possible to increase the  effectiveness of regeneration?

It would be cool, if the people where the devs asked for the rephrasing of the questions or examples just post them here :slight_smile:


@Neptune There are two questions you can rephrase or give examples, so we can get some replies.

@Madlen, here are some questions not answered:

  1. Is having 40% poison resistance and 0% DR the same as 0% poison and 40% DR ? (does it offer the same protection, block the same damage from towers or units, same effectiveness ??? in regards of defense on my hero )
  2. Is the max resistance + DR = 90,75% on GK and 97.5% on heroes for each/any of the resistances ? If different please say so how much.
  3. Is there a cap for masteries that have % ? And what about the masteries without % are those capped too in some way?
  4. For tartarus invocation, for me you haven’t made it clear if its only damage by hero? Can you please confirm that it does not affect powers used by heroes at the time the invo is active?
  5. Are we getting a solution for usage of uniques? Please! And the lottery question goes here too.
  6. Will invocations be “leveled up”, as they seem to be the same since level 120 or before that level, perhaps 115 which was the max level at the time.



I think that the 1st question is already answered, the answer is “yes” (text in red above). For the 2nd question, seeing how the DR and elemental resistances are calculated in 2 phases, I guess that the answer is also “yes”.

Can we get a March questions thread?

A : While using Athenas main spell (fist of power), it says lets say 10k lighting damage. When we cast it vs a Nyx tower, it does 30k lighting damage you say? Same amount go vs units and GK?

B : A Hydra tower that says 25k poison damage… I asked if this damage got any multiplier vs the hero only or units too? Like dealing x2 more damage and becoming 50k…!? How towers damage really work?

C : Ok, you replied that the multiplier for spells it is x3. Now… Each unit got an amount of damage, let`s say Cyclops that deal 3k physical damage… This kind of damage, got any multiplier? If yes… it works vs GK only? Structures? Waves? What?

I hope I`m asking in a better way now… Thanks in advance, cheers.

Thanks! Madlen I got my answers.


Jesus no. This will kill the game. My heroes have maxed 75% HP regen and retake full life in 1 second. If you up the regeneration. You will be invincible or kind of. i am not in level 130-150 so I don’t know there but at close 100 regen is OP

thx. have you ever published which one these are? bc there are images and videos out there that show these slot dependent types. 

i was asking why there is a nearlyy constant distance between 1st and 2nd, not why the trophs break through the ceiling. e.g. 1st had 40k, 2nd 30k (weeks ago)… and both raised with a nearly constant distance of about 10k… 50k/40k … 60k/50k. now its about 70k/60k.
but no further answer needed to this.

i am just wondering about your strategy… you give an incentive to attack higher players with a higher troph bounty. then you protect them because of the trophy cap. then you release the cap but not the protection. then there are higher player levels possible but connect the first players to lower level and vice versa so they can sometimes fight them but not all of them do bc they would need gems for not to fail. …

but you wrote that you are reconsidering trophs, so also no further answer here needed.

same as above: i dont get it - on the one side you give an extra bounty for higher trophs (you assume that high troph is equal to a good defense and/or higher level players), but on the other hand you proctect them by not setting them on the maps equally. it just makes some ?? pop out over my head. why dont you make the extra bounty related to how often players fail to attack? [ok maybe with those auto-raids and multy accounts this could also be exploited, but the system as it is now can be exploited in the same way]

can you please be a bit more specific about what makes a hero slower or faster and the relaed normalization, which is totally new to me. maybe with numerical examples. thx

sad to read that there is something working right now that was not intended…  please do not make modifications that alows player which invested gems to raise fast up in levels to have better items after all, bc they had a longer time to collect high level items. consider also to keep it as it works now.

I don’t think this is 100% true. Higher trophies can be correlated with a good defense or higher level, but a lot of even the top 10 players don’t have amazing defenses, and there are hundreds of players lower than me on the trophy board who are 5 levels or more higher level than I am. I think higher trophies, corrected for level, is really only a direct indication of how much you play.  Lower trophy players aren’t awarded more trophies for beating a higher trophy player because they’re more of a challenge, it’s because that’s the only way the trophy system can run with stability. If higher trophies correlates with more challenging battles, that’s just an added perk. 

Frostbite combined with demolition would still be really, really, really good even if the bug was fixed. The bug is super overkill. 

i hope the “fix” is not like the gk area damage fix: just to reduce drop rate. this only help those who already have who found those items at a high level and is a slap in the face to those who have not. i am so disappointed that again the way it works now is not the way of how it should be. it was so clear from day one that frostbite works really good with demolition. so in my thought it was: ok thats is how it should be. great. heros like herkules and odysseus get a buff and everyone i will forge items with those two on it. 

edit: on lower levels it did not felt like an overkill and maybe it is also not an overkill when the items are normally forged. we may not forget that not everyone is superforging or could transfer old and high perk values (and has not reached a really high level but has players on their maps who have).