Janus needs a make over

I am a huge fan of aska and use it most of the time.  Imo, aska is still the better choice over ceres in most cases. 

So, I was very excited to see a pro fox.  Hoping to be able to replace aska with a pro pal and gain the pro bonus. 

However, janus is a disappointment. Portal?  Really?? Who uses portal scroll? I have never seen someone use a portal scroll in my attack summary.  Because it’s not really effective compared to summoning.  I see people using summoning all the time. 

Point being, there is a reason people don’t use portal. Plus, with a constant portal always being generated, it is hard to spawn troops from the tent.  Which is still important, to not only protect the tent from enemy units that might have slipped by but also to send ranged troops to choke points as part of strategy. 

With aska and pal flute, I am able to battle cry my troops while summoning an additional 80+ moral worth of troops to the front lines of my army (in addition to my moral bar generate troops that are spawned from the tent).  These are Extra troops that I normally would not have.  Portal only moves the spawn point closer to the hero, you get no additional reinforcements and sometimes having units appear close to the front line is a disadvantage…

So, I hope it’s not too late for janus to be changed.   Really, it should be another 15k crystal pal like useless eris.  If janus can not be changed I would downgrade it’s value and release a second pro fox that has aska’s summoning plus some kind of secondary pro ability… but not petrification!

Petrification is a whole other rant, that I will not get into.  We just got rid of those horrible stone ninjas with their slow movement bug, now we have a pro pal that can cause the same bug, wonderful. 

I really really want a pro replacement for aska, Ceres and janus make me sad. 

Thank you for letting me vent ?

Love this, perfect explanation with the exception of one thing, you didn’t give a suggestion on what Janus’ new ability would be. Time Warp maybe, that’d be really cool

I actually like Janus a lot!
Janus summons a portal every 10s and at lvl 8 the portal has a 6.5s duration! So I have instant troops during over half the raiding time.
I’m still adapting after have been using only Ceres for a long time, but Jenus seems pretty good to me

What trophy level bases are you using janus on?

I have to admit my perspective might be a bit skewered from only raiding 5400+ trophy bases.  I could see janus being useable at lower levels. 

Top players need more options.  Most only use aska, Ceres or howl.  I don’t think janus will be used by top players, and that’s fine.  However, we need options too. 

And just as a side note, my janus is also level 8, didn’t warrant it worthy of upgrading further. 

Around 4000…4500 trophies

Like I said, I’m still adapting, at the moment I’m using Monk, Archer (no pro-boost) and Wolf with Sonic, Blizzard and Bladestorm. Also have been testing Cannons and even Gargoyles (kinda feels like Insta-Gargoyles and I like that boost a lot) instead of Archers, but I like to spam troops so Archers work better for me. In my case I’m using the portal to summon 2 Monks + few Archers when i need HP, or 1 Monk + Archers spam when I need damage.

The possibility to call the units you need right next to you, keep raiding and advacing after losing the entire army, or just run ahead when you’re out of time and still win makes me like that pal a lot.


That makes sense, using janus to essentially make Insta archers and gargs.  Good idea ?

What spells/troops do you usually use with Pal Flute?

Pal flute goes well with almost everything, provided it’s forged.  My base pal flute has 7.1s battle cry and 7.1s beast transformation.  With blood pump boots, the pal transformation goes up to 8.1s.

With aska lvl 8, the beast summons 27 moral each cast.  When you use the spell, the regular pal effect timer pauses. Meaning, if you time it right, you can have a regular summoning of 17 then the beast summoning 27 two times. 

For a fast combo you can use old school wok, but okw as the order.  Then you only have to call wolves and aska beast provides the rest.  

I’m still playing around with combos since I don’t have much time to play these days.  However I really like ogre, arb, monk with aska and pal flute.  The beast gives one of each unit every summoning.  So I really just call a few monks at the beginning and then just arbs. The arbs slow enemy units and can stop some beasts.  

Ceres and howl also work really well with pal flute since the battle cry plus howls keep the army well boosted. 

Ogre arblaster monk sounds very interesting! Once my alliance wins arblaster boost i will give it a go, also still looking for blood pumps :slightly_frowning_face: . Thanks for response.

Oh dear, yes, blood pumps not required if spell is well forged but I think it helps a little. 

It’s always important to take advantage of festival gears.  Pal flute only has one item to boost it and that is the boots from last Halloween event.   That was the event with Bela as the pal in the festival. Bela is worthless, so blood pumps and the double xp boost armor were what I prioritized. 

Good luck and keep trying different combos.  I used to love finding new combos when I had time to play.   Now I go with what I know works or what someone else has discovered.  However, always more fun to find what works for yourself.