Janus + Pro Archer Combo is OP!!




I won’t say pro archers are OP. There are enough bases that give a hard time on pro archers due to their short range. Boosted bomb towers, skull towers, ranged troops with large range, they make sushi out of archers pretty well, so Janus with pro archers definitely isn’t the secret to success.  

Pro boosts like ascension archer however make it overpowered. I raid with pro archers pretty often (read without ascension archer boost). My team has level 1 ascension archer at the moment, that already makes bases way more easy. Level 4 even kills any beast in a few shots. 

Players with lousy offense that in any normal circumstance can’t get pretty far (25%-) with just elite boosts, suddenly can beat those bases 100% with the help of pro boosts like archer. There is a term for that. And that’s called being overpowered.

So before keenflare rebalances donkey, first do something about these pro boosts. Of course that has no priority, since teams need a lot of players to participate pro league to get a pro boost. Since players need tickets every week, that’s a source of income. So rebalancing pro boosts like archers is out of the question, isn’t it?  


for your level everything overpowered :slight_smile:

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As soon as the enemy has tons of Spikes in defense, Archers become totally useless.



Yr current level, offence mostly max but defense haven’t build up, u can’t compare it correctly.

if u really want to do this OP or OD, at least raise yr trophy to 4500, yr opponents have fair upgrade and forge their tower.

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