Janus vs Aska (which PAL to use!)


Nice video. There are a lot of factors that determine the choice. Aska summons random troops nearby (from left to right, that’s why you get too many monks), while with janus you determine what you need while portal is open. Sure, you can get more troops on the battleground when you use aska, but they come from tent, so the ones summoned last minute are never reaching the gate anyway. So you can get more troops at last part by using Janus (read: you can summon with all your morale troops through portal and with good morale that’s a reasonable army, when donkey is active)

Also janus stones defensive troops which helps a lot.

The more morale you have, the better janus is in comparison with aska. And when you use donkey, then definitely janus is the better choice.

Also troops determine the choice, I use wolf, ogre and archers. While aska almost almost never will summon a wolf or cannon(cannon monk wolf should be your troop combo with aska since he summons from left to right) , I can chose what I need as troop. Sometimes a wolf, sometimes an ogre, but most of them I summon archers. With aska I need to hope to get the troops I need at that moment. Say phoebe destroys my troops. Aska summons me an ogre plus two archers, while janus lets me summon a complete bunch of archers that can kill the beast. 

My favorite is janus, but I can imagine that others like aska.


I agree, and that’s why I didn’t want to come to a conclusion about who was truly the better pal, because each pal is better with a certain combo. Aska is better in some cases and in others, Janus is better :slight_smile:

i wish we can see the damage values that aska deals … mostly she do good damage … i love her for years … my little blacknoise ? :wub:

Janus has a complete different gameplay -> look for portal and send the troops + Stone … but too less damage from the pal …there’s also a topic to it.

Aska shows her strength with the Pal reinforcing Pro Shoes and the PAL Flute spell … then you have troops … sooo many troops :rolleyes:

This is wrong. Aska summons Troops wherever he currently is - they are not coming out of the Tent.

I meant, troops summoned by hero of course, they start nearby tent. When you summon your troops when portal is open with Janus, they all come nearby the portal. Still it can be smart to summon some troops nearby tent, to keep some defensive troops busy at chokepoints. 

To continue, if you use flute, then I would consider to use Ceres, his spirit howl creates ghost troops, which seem to be immune for LT and all kind of conversions. And that beast does serious damage to everything. But that’s another story.