Hi you release the new table of pro chests. Janus is announced on this message but no information on it. 

Can you explain what he is doing? 

I think sometimes it’s spoiling the fun telling what a pal does, but investing 25k crystals plus a lot of pal food to figure out the pal is good or not is also risky.

So yes, we are interested in those stats.

I think how the pro-league will start, FTB will immediately release a video with him.

As soon as he is in the shop, we should be able to see some stats and what he does. We now can also click on Ceres for example and check the stats.

As the name Janus ; is related to doors (aka god of gates)
This pal may have the ability of portal scroll, or perhaps the ability to send back enemy units back to gate…
This is just my guesses though


The new Pro league started.

FG didn’t change stuffs to buy, Janus is not yet available.

It is now. Petrify chance 30% Portal duration of 3.0 seconds (I expect similar like portal scroll) where summoned troop come through that portal.


Yes just see 5 minutes ago… Great !!! i’m gonna take it today

Beware that petrify only works when defending troops are nearby. And portal lasts for 3 seconds, and you have to be aware there is a portal. So save morale points till portal is open, to get troops through that portal.


Yes the range of petrification is 1.0 at lvl1 maybe it grows at higher levels…

Hello guys,

Now that it’s in the shop you can see all the stats!


So they introduced a Pal named jAnus, who`s special Ability is to open a Hole …


I think portal duration will improve with level, not sure though 

I have more information. have seen a level 7 Janus. It increases petrify odds (42% at level 7) plus also seconds of portal (6 seconds at level 7!).

What about the janus beast? It says “Janus has 55% translocation”, that means a chance to bring a “walking dead” troop on the map close to me or take back enemy troops to the castle gate?

I don’t think any alliance already has a Janus beast (although I would not be surprised that a few already have it). So what it means will be a mystery till the beast is active.

I’m using it with pal flute :wink:

But still do not know how does it work :slightly_frowning_face:

Okay, that makes sense. Are a small amount of summoned troops moved close (percentage of translocation) in neighborhood of the beast maybe, instead of a portal?

It has to be something like that. Maybe @FTB can shine a light on this and tell us more about this. 

Okay i found it :slight_smile:

It take enemy troops back to castle gate. So, using pal flute, you can: 1) Summon troops through portal, 2) Send enemies to the gate again (really sad for them haha).

It’s a surprise! :stuck_out_tongue: