I think this means perhaps a new spell will be coming soon…Translocation Spell lol

Well done with the deduction Sherlock :stuck_out_tongue:



Lol nice video kind of op 

How do you (and Flothaboss) get so much pal food very quickly?

Flothaboss is a Dev-Account. 

Flothaboss got pal food in large quantities and very quickly also before being hired by Flaregames.

With Gems

there is this thing in the game called “gems” or something, not sure what they do though  :wink: :wink:

I used Janus pal, but is inferior when compared to Ceres, and Kaiser. Besides we need to be alert when the portal gets opened so that we summon troops at that time

The beast does need improving. To clarify, ‘translocation’ just means (from what i’ve seen) sending the troop somewhere else. Pal flute + Janus is a waste in offense, since it is more worthwhile to let Janus pal open some portals in the time of which you would have the beast. Regarding defense, I don’t forsee that it’s going to be unlocked within the next few centuries.