Japan army is looking for active players

Hi All,

Japan army is looking for active warriors.


Alliance benfits:


Blazing knight: 24/7


Power archer:  24/7


strom cannon: 24/7


Tough barricade: 24/7


Range bomber: 24/7


were wolf: During war season


frenzy arablaster, elite mummy will be prolonged in between war seasons. (PS: If we have them already).


We have a commited leader who already donated 800million gold.


We are expecting people with following criteria:


  1. Active participation in wars(Should be able to get minimum 2000 per field)


  1. Minimum 3000 trophys above level 75 king


3.Daily donation limit is 100k


interested people please leave your IGN in comments sections. I will send an invite






We have 3 slots left. Apply fast

Hi, are you still looking for members?

My friend (fairly new player) is looking for a japanese alliance. It’s hard to find one though.

Do you have space? Or know of an alliance?

Thanks :slight_smile: