Jester Box's Attack Delay perk seems... counterinutitive?

Jester Box is one of the most interesting defensive structures that just… isn’t very effective, or at least not as effective as it should be, due to its design, or rather lack of change in it ever since.

I’ve started playing this game about a year ago, and there were no Jester Boxes back then; they got introduced shortly after, either in December or somewhere shortly after the new year.

Thing is, the game’s progressed far since then, most notably I mean structure levels have gone up, the units levels have gone up, things are more resilient and difficult to kill. Also, perhaps most interestingly in relation to this, Pro items have been added to the game, and with them - more easily than before - you can achieve very high Movement Speed.

Jester Box came into existence in a time where your King/Queen didn’t have the greatest Movement Speed values on average, and mostly moved with their Armies (less tower levels, less unit levels - units didn’t die as quickly as they do now, not the non-monster types anyway). But nowadays, many people play the game with 50-70%+ Movement Speed, meaning you can run over Jester Boxes, activating them and avoid taking any damage, simply because you’re so fast.

I know the main purpose of Jester Boxes, at least now, is to kill of the King/Queen effectively, but that wasn’t the initial premise. They were supposed to be mainly massive unit evaporators. In fact, I would prefer if they still were, because if your King/Queen is durable enough to run ahead with Spells and a Pal, they most likely aren’t going to die anyway, while their Army sure could use some dying, so that eventually the King/Queen would have no other targets to absorb the damage for them.

And so we arrive at the Attack Delay perk, which makes the Jester Box explode faster. Wouldn’t it be preferrable if this perk increased the attack delay instead, to have better chance at killing the invader’s army? I’m conflicted, because right now the Jester Box does neither - doesn’t kill the King/Queen and explodes way too prematurely, before enemy troops even ever get the chance to reach it, being mostly due to how much Movement Speed one can stack compared to Jester Box’s explosion range and attack delay.

Edit: paired up with that, it’d be nice if we could choose the condition for triggering the Jester Box, for example make one trigger only on units (excluding Werewolves, since they move fast, and it’d be the same as triggering when a Hero passes nearby) or only on Heroes. That’d be nice, too. Should the developers ever have the need to look for an additional goldsink, it could be an upgrade for gold that’d take only 1 day (or less) to ‘upgrade/build’.

Was a similar discussion or idea proposed before and what was the conclusion the community reached back then?