Join Bacon Nation Alliance Here's Why lol

We may not be the best players… But I guarantee we’re the happiest… We got Bacon enough said lol…  Join Now 





Too much Bacon gives you high cholesterol and over time you eventually develop heart disease and possibly stroke. 

thats the spirit, boss lolz


i like your style, bacon


gl from Valhalla!

A true king should now better about his/her diet… You’ll eventually need at least 50% wind boots at the rate of bacon your eating

You’ll die before you reach your 80s.

Ohhhh, the many layers of humor in these comments. I love it!

best damn alliance idea ive seen yet…screw the good and evil twists or the “stonk” idea…all you really needed was bacon!


That’s hilarious !


There are kings with exceptional metabolism… :grinning:

Oh god, everytime I view this topic I get hungry! :wink:

Be sure to leave some bacon at me if you ever raid my base. :grinning:


Good luck with further progress! :slight_smile: