Join Bacon Nation Alliance :)

Bacon Nation is looking for two active players to join us. Setting is set at (Apply to Join)


Alliance level 24 and we have 27 active players at the moment and need 2 more we don’t really care what level your King is but prefer level 50 and above if possible. (we all started from the beginning so everyone is welcome)


One rule must fight in Alliance wars (3 raids in each Fiefdom offense and defense) We boost everything during war season, If you aren’t willing to help out then we arent willing to share our rewards if we win without you… js  


Donate when you can daily isn’t necessary but would be most appreciated, Build your base any way you want 



 Languages spoken: English, Portuguese, Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Russian and some North American Ghetto slang.

This is a nation(alliance) with…well…bacon!!! If you like bacon…then join…i don’t know how to compliment this alliance since I never joined them,I’m just here because sir Chris p bacon I my in game friend… And I love bacon!!!