Join Heroes: Special alliance for special players

Heroes of the Realm, a lvl 200 alliance, is recruiting players. Most of us have been together for months and the alliance has steadily advanced from being top 800 to top 200 since the beginning of summer.


Does the challenge of helping a young alliance grow appeal to you more than joining a fully formed top 50 alliance? We are a friendly, cooperative and active alliance, both male and female. Our youngest player is 11, our oldest 60. We have many players over 40 and 50 years old so we aren’t just teenagers or college students. Our members include students, professors, CEOs, company owners, teachers, scientists, fathers and sons. A diverse group from around the world that chat a lot and help each other out. We strive for a good balance of fun, winning and real world realities. We seek active players but understand vacations, work pressures etc. will take everyone away from time to time. All we ask is that you let Mlax and the team know in advance you’ll be gone. If you like to chat and enjoy being part of a friendly, helpful and skilled team then please join us. Let us know here that you want to join or send Mlax or any general a friend request.



Minimum trophies 2500, min donation 50k.

Are you good? Like a challenge? Don’t just buy your way into a ready made top 50 alliance, instead join a young up and coming alliance and help it grow. Much more challenging, much more fun and bigger sense of accomplishment. If you join one of the top 50 alliances, you’ll just lvl up faster because of the boosts and the game will quickly become boring and a grind. You’ll just be a replaceable cog in their wheel. Trust me, the game is more fun in an alliance like ours. Look at my avatar, would I lie? Once you get above 4000 trophies the game starts to lack variety. So don’t rush it. Also, we have interesting members, including Bono. But we don’t reveal his game name until you’ve been with us 1 month, at which time he’ll send you a free ticket.

PM me. We’ll talk. Let’s do lunch sometime.

We have an opening for an active, friendly player. Team up with our good bunch of players from around the world.

Like to chat? Don’t want to join an alliance of teenagers talking about blah blah blah? Heroes is for you. When not stomping enemies we might talk football, futball, literature or share stock tips that have made members tens of thousands of dollars. Don’t settle for ordinary.