Join "Hong Kong People", I will tell you how to get unlimited free gems

5 open spots now, android user only

I will PM you ways to farm gems after joining for 5 days and be active.


[proof] I am a 100% gem farmer

using cheats or exploiting some bugs/vulnerabilities, or not?

not cheat and bugs or whatever, it is like fighting and you get your awards.

@Your “proof”: Having a few thousand gems/pearls proves nothing, as that amount of gems can just be aquired as f2p user without any “arcane tricks” or as p2p user as well.

Though, publicly posting screenshots of your current base and currency values might not be wise…

I’m all for free speech an all but isn’t him advertising how to cheat on the forums a bit overboard. He might be just talking about the gem plough thing that everyone knows about but no-one who plays the game fairly condones this.

I’m not really concerned , think this is tapjoy exploit

Hmm… also think rather tapjoy than “classic” gem ploughing. But even so, I wouldn’t do that and especially not join an alliance for this.


Whether that actually is better than gem ploughing in terms of morale/ethics is of course another question, but as tapjoy is “part of the game” I guess it’s kind of “allowed”… still problematic I’d say.


Stop talking about ethics and morale. Flare Games’ reward shifting isn’t any better and they’ll won’t change that back. So… go for it, gem farmers and cheaters!

Yes that’s the idea, go for it gem farmers and cheaters … then there will be no-one left but you and flare won’t make any money and the game will die … a lot of donating players are quitting the game, soon be just the exploiters left!