Join Join Join. Royals Rising searching for players who donate.

Royals Rising

We are a simple young alliance.

Alliance level - 12

Boosts: Keeping blazing knights activated regularly.


Donate Daily

Play Regularly

Any level player is welcome



Please join if you like.

Another alliance? Seriously? Cm’on man, seriously, just stick in an alliance! 


I even said I would drop 5 gems in your base so you could buy Aska (on the other thread).

Forget what I said.


Do you seriously expect someone to trust you, if you keep swapping alliances? Think again man…

Probably at this moment KingAditya your name are somewhere writting like in a jumper list. Bad reputation. Stop doing this. One day no one will accept you anymore. When they will see your name you will be kick out. Stay in a alliance during 1 year+ time to know the others and develop friendship and all. You will learn more if you stay in the same alliance. By the way its just some advice we give you. Its up to you to listen them or not

Hey Hey Hey. You saw the alliance. It is my sister’s alliance. You saw me there. No. I have never been there. I am in INDIAN ROYAL HUNTERs. Not in Royals Rising. I am just promoting her alliance. Hehe. Please first see the whole post and see the alliance one time.


It is clearly stated above in contact. It is not my alliance.

First read this post. You have not even seen the alliance and speaking with no reason.



It is not “clearly stated” because all you put was an IGN. Plus, how are we supposed to know that that was your sister’s alliance? My point is, when you become a jumper, nobody knows whether you’re promoting to help out, or you’ve just joined another alliance. Fine, you’re not in that alliance right now, but guess what? You’re in Indian Royal Hunters, but wait, what’s this? You were in a different alliance (I forget the name) not 2 weeks ago! Seriously dude, just settle down and find an alliance. Stop jumping and gain a GOOD reputation. Right now, the only reputation you have is that you are a jumper. The posts that you’ve made on the forum prove that

Team All Might. I don’t think that the leader have the real power there. He usually asks everyone about boosts and promotion. He is a servant of other generals. But in an alliance, the leader is superior. So, if you have any quarrel with any general, he will kick you out and leader can do nothing. So, I decided to stay out of there without wasting my time. I don’t want any troubles afterwards. I am happy in IRH and will stay there.

I don’t agree with you there.

The fact that the leader asks his generals, means he may be a good leader!

Being a good listenner and hearing out the opinnion of your members is also a good quality.

While the word “leader” may induce that the person is superior… This isn’t always the case.

I’ve found generals who were much better “leaders” than the “leader” himself.


For me, leader is the current owner of the alliance.

Not a supreme dictator, which I should obbey at all costs

PS: I didn’t “speak with no reason”… you never stated that was your sister’s alliance. Sorry if I jumped to conclusions then.

But this leader don’t consults… He is straightaway asking without having his own suggestions…

Well, that’s indeed strange… At least if it’s like that all the time?

But if you left right away… You didn’t even get to know each other well.

So you’ll never be truly sure if it was only then, or if he’s like that all the time.

I stayed there for a week or so… I had written the same on the ally chat and then left. I didn’t liked the alliance though they were giving good boosts and phoebe. Ha, I suggested my friend to stay there and help them. I never leave without helping…

I don’t think 1 week is enough to know each other.

People aren’t that simple.

Knowing each other takes time.

But if that’s the “way” you like to play…

Good luck out there I guess