Join NATO..... Here's Why

Greetings my fellow Kings,


What you get if you join NATO


  • Active and closely monitored alliance with several contributing members (Level 15 Alliance with 4 members spending real money with extra donations)

  • I actively recruit to get the best players who are willing to go the extra mile

  • I remove members that are not contributing (even players with over 4000 trophies.  No one is exempt).  Everyone donates for the greater good.


  • For every extra donation from a soldier, I contribute a matching gold for gold donation (You put up real money, so do I)


What I need from you


  • Enthusiasm and deep experience playing Royal Revolt 2

  • 2500 Trophy / 20k per day donation (Ideal candidates have over 3000 Trophies and contribute 50k a day)


I want to thank those of you who are already members for choosing me are your leader.  It is an honor and a privilege.


Send me a PM to my jreid account within this forum



Also in deutsch hörte sich das ganze besser an und war ansprechender.  :grinning:


So your statement now in english, in german sounds it better.

Whatever language you prefer.  I’m looking for motivated Kings.

You can see my message. (In this forum. It’s “be a part of Alliance”)

If you want, you can accept it.

“We can be good” :wink:





What’s your idea about my friend?

I would like to update everyone on the status of NATO


Growth is outstanding.  We are now level 17 (22 members) with Gold boost of 27% and ranked 24


Im working on the last few people but almost all are contributing 50k a day (several are higher including one at 150k)


We have 6 “paying” members (Those that have contributed extra by using real money)


Im looking to round out my team.  Feel free to apply (please be donating at least 50k)



For anyone interested in joining, please send me a PM to jreid.  I’m receiving many requests within the game and there is no good way to vet people yet.


50k donation per day is mandatory (Ideally you also have a trophy count > 3000).  


BTW we receive a 29% gold boost and are ranked 16 with 10 paying members (those that have donated extra)


I match every extra donation myself and have personally contributed 18 million so far and I don’t plan on stopping.



This is another call to recruit new members to NATO.  


We have a home page (NATO Home Page) where I will keep more frequent updates (such as team donation status) for the current membership.  Nobody keeps a more active watch and recruits harder to attract the best. 


We are now ranked #10 and moving up the leaderboard.  We are level 24 have 29 members with a gold boost of 33%.


I’m looking for candidates with at least a 75k a day donation with the willingness to donate extra on occasion (our whole membership will be at 75k in a few days).  I have personally donated 41 million to my alliance and I’m proud of what we have achieved.


I’m looking for drive, passion, and a willingness to be the best.


Please message me on this forum (my account is jreid my username within the game is JRR) and let me know what your username within the game is.


Thank you

go away NATO! :wink:

Join me… resistance is futile :slight_smile:

BTW… I just cleared you base :grinning:

u did not? ig name: fidjii with double i :stuck_out_tongue:


and why youve formed an anti-anti-NATO club?  :angry:

I know who you are! I’m JRR check your history. Gottcha! :slight_smile:

Thank you for adding for me. I`m from Argentina


I will do mi best.


Come on NATO.!

We have a spot open!  We are offering a 38% gold boost and membership into a top 10 alliance.


I’m looking for trophies above 4000 and a 100k/day (lvl 8 alliance tower) donation.  


I will consider players with lesser stats depending on your level of enthusiasm for the game.



Just wanted to bump this post up. I joined NATO a few weeks back and I just wanted to say that it’s a great alliance. Lots of friendly conversations, great donations from all members, a few very skilled veterans that give great insight on the game, and most importantly a great leader. We have jumped up to the 6th place position and close to becoming a top 5 alliance. 


If you’re looking for an alliance that keeps on several boosts on all the time and a place where you want to meet people dedicated to the game, this is the alliance to be in.