Join ROYAL LEGENDS, Top 20 alliance!!

We are ROYAL LEGENDS! Currently ranked #21 with a gold boost of 33%.

Our Facebook Group: you want to join our alliance and rule over Royal Revolt 2?! We only ask that you fulfill some criteria :

  • Level 75+ - 3,500 Trophies (Mínimum) - Have a Facebook account , and willing to occasionally communicate and collaborate with the group members. - Donate minimum of 50K ( Alliance Tower Level 6 ) Extra donations is highly valued, but not a must at this alliance. Elite boosts will be activated based on vote, but not every day as we are still trying to add more new slots for new members as our current priority. We have several players who do and make huge contributions, that’s why we are here…but we are seeking more than just donation; we want loyal and trustful players in our alliance. And to have respect for each and every member. Long term goals include… trying to get into the top 10 , a 50% gold boost for all, a large group to help fund and extend the elite boosts, and to share base advice among other members. For more information and to apply, please contact : Lion Richard (Leader): Cutas (Recruiter):

Good words Alenes! Like you pointed out i feel like in family from the 1st day that i joined ROYAL LEGENDS!

Let’s keep up the good work! Happy 2015 to everyone!

Since the time i joined this group, felt so friendly behavior by fellow members so that i even refused to join rank 2,3 and 4 group (i got invitation many times). Here nobody is forcing you to do something u don’t want…every body listen everyone and cares! I love to be here! and last it is Ranking 24 now!

Update Alliance Pic

i can join your alliance