Join Strollin! The alliance with the best teamwork!

Strollin is an amazing alliance. We focus on events and being active, and we always welcome new members. We are currently 30 of 45 members, and requirements: min. Trophies 500 min. Hero level 1 min alliance tower level 5 min throne room level 2 min average stronghold building level 1, always stunning ogre, raging wolf and storm cannon boosts active. If you have a great leadership and want to say your opinions, this is the alliance for you.

Join Strolllin! You have to join our alliance, we are very much in need of new members. We want members so we can continue winning events.

We are losing conquest. That is not good. We are an alliance named Strollin and we need more active members. Not so much the alliance requests, but if you are active and domare every day this alliance is for you.

Hi @HilleH,

Did you mean to post this in the RR2 forum?

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Most likely. I went ahead and moved the topic for the player. :slight_smile:

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hey… slow down, bud… you can’t post 3 recruitment post in a row… 1 day- 1 post…

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Got damn yes. Why nit

If you are bored in RR2 and want to test a new thing, join Strollin! It is a new adventure every day and we look forward to have you as a member.

What do you mean…??? What sort of adventures??? Do you guys make a event of your own…??? it would be cool…


Not really but we focus very much on events and to take care of our players, and help each other every day. I say that it feels like an adventure.

if you are looking for a similar alliance like yours, I could suggest ours (to join or merge)… Our alliance, like yours, is lvl 46, no CP unlocked. And we are very much active in all the events… We play as a team. This conquest, we ranked 1 (tier leaderboard #3)…

We have few member area open… If you wanna join/merge alliances, give a look to ‘beeng luxx’… just a suggestion…

if you want to recruit players in your alliance, i suggest you to make it open with requirements… or, keep on sending invites to those players who are not in any alliance…

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Good evening, I would like to introduce the alliance Strollin. It is an active alliance looking for members.

Hello guys! I think you whould like to join Strollin. We are an alliance at level 42, we are currently facing a conquest event at about one hour. We have recently got Celestial Phoebe beast, and we do not have so many requirements. Join us!

Greetings from Hilding I

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Bonjour, est il possible de vous rejoindre ?