Join The Cause! We are an ACTIVE mid-level alliance

Hello everyone, 

I am trying to help recruit new members for the alliance I am part of called The Cause.    

From a team that quickly reached rank 595, our team had dropped to just 2 members.  We had built the team up so close to a defensive beast at the time and didn’t want all that work to go to waste, so myself and our Leader, King Vinny, stuck with it and rebuilt our alliance with loyal, active players who will contribute to the team with their donations and participation.  We are a friendly group and are looking for others who are active and want to grow with us and be able to reap the rewards of our hard work.  We understand everyone has lives/jobs, so we’re not “high pressure”, but do expect you to participate as noted below.

What we’re asking from YOU: Full Participation in all wars and ninja events, and the best you can with the conquests.  Please don’t waste our time or yours if you only put in your token fight in a war so you can reap the rewards.  We’re actually pretty friendly and will help you in any way we can, including insta-troops, but we’ve had our share of deadbeats and we’re looking for players who WANT to play the game.  If you are unable to participate in an event or war, just let our fearless leader or one of us Generals know.  Everyone has a personal life.  We’re not going to kick you if you have something going on in real life.  Also, please donate regularly since that’s how we pay for the boosts that in turn help you.  We understand the conquest can be daunting to many.  We will try to help however we can to help you understand the conquest so you can grow with us.  (We even have a few videos that may be of help)

What we do for you: We currently boost cannons daily.  More during wars depending on alliance donations.  As we grow our team, we can offer more, just please bear with us until we do.  We also donate insta-troops as often as possible. We have 6 BEASTS so far: Savage Tammy (Lv.1), Twisted Archimides (Lv.2), Primal Howl (Lv.2), Primal Growl (Lv.1), Vicious Bucky (Lv.1 close to Lv.2), and Untamed Kaiser (Lv.1). 

WE PREFER our members to have between 3500 and 900 trophies., but it’s not mandatory.  If you have been interested in becoming a General, fight with us and earn our trust, and we’ll consider it.  We are not one of those teams where everyone is a general, though.  We take those responsibilities seriously.  If you feel you’re not making a difference in the alliance you’re in now or have always wanted to join an alliance but haven’t, come over and check out The Cause. With a number of open slots, this is your opportunity to enter an alliance that will value your participation and hopefully have some fun!  We don’t require you play in the Pro League, but encourage it.  Every little bit helps yourself and helps the Alliance.  The more people that DO participate in the Pro League, the faster we’ll get our Pro Beast. ?

 Look us up, I’m King Thunderbolt4 , and our Leader is King Vinny69.  

Short list of requirements:

—PREFERABLY, but not necessary,  English speaking so that we can all communicate, but we can use a translator if necessary, just tell us what language you speak.  We do communicate a lot in the conquests, so at least a basic grasp on English would help.

—Trophy range between 3500-900 (not necessarily a requirement, but that’s the range of the teams we fight in the wars).

—Regular alliance donations.  Because our goal is to be able to offer you more in the way of boosts, the more the better, but anything over 10K is ideal.  If you are unable to donate at least 10K, we can work with you as long as you try to upgrade your alliance tower to at least match that.  We’re all about teamwork and growing as a team.  

—Participation in wars, ninjas, and events.  We fully understand there may be times when we fight in a war where there might be no one near your level to fight.  We only ask you try.  We don’t expect a full 6 fights if you’re blatantly overpowered, but at least try once.  If there are wars where you are on equal ground, we like full participation, if possible.  Just fighting once in some cases could’ve help us win some wars.  Like I said, we fight as a team.  We reap the rewards of the team’s hard work.  We don’t appreciate freeloaders. 

—Conquest participation.  There are two parts to the conquest- helping the team by donating resources and moving on the map, whether scouting or engaging in a war.  We do fairly well with conquest with those who do participate because we communicate.  

—A good attitude and a desire to have fun while being competitive.  Some people have joined and immediately demand they are made generals right away and get bent out of shape when we tell them to be patient and be part of the team for awhile before we consider it.  We’re not going to leapfrog over other players on the team that deserve the position and have EARNED it.  

–  We try to give players a chance and don’t kick someone if they can’t get online for a couple of days.  Our biggest need is to fight as a team.  If you do not participate in the wars or if you haven’t logged in in 6+ days or so (failing to donate for alliance boosts), you’re not participating in the TEAM, and you may get kicked.  If you will be away for awhile, just let us know- we’ll be fine with that.  Communication is the key. ?. Remember, we are an ACTIVE alliance.  If you are here to play, so are we!

A lot of people have put a lot into our alliance and we hope you will consider being part of our team to grow with us!   Hope to see you there!

                               ~King T-Bolt, Full time General, part time Jester~

How is it possible you had over 40 members when your max members is 35 at the moment?

Some players took a level with them on leaving … gg

oops! sorry, I was half-asleep when I wrote that last night. we had 34 people at one time, not 40. I was thinking of the 41 fiefdoms we had and butchered the numbers. 

Hello, we’re still looking for people who want to fight in the wars and ninja events, but maybe might not fit in with the higher level alliances.  The Cause is an established alliance and is in the process of growing.  If you’ve thought about joining an alliance, but weren’t sure what do, join The Cause and we’ll help you any way we can.

Another War Season is here- join today and fight with us!


Hello Kings and Queens!  The Cause has a number of spots available on our team for ACTIVE players who want to join an established alliance but don’t have the qualifications that some of the Upper Echillon teams have.  See the post above for specifics.  We currently have 2 beasts: Primal Howl and Twisted Archimedes, and we are close to 3 more.  We like participation in wars, ninjas, and events as often as you can- especially the wars.  We do NOT REQUIRE you play in the Pro League, but if you do, so do many of us.  We are primarily an English-speaking alliance and chat quite often, but if you can be patient with my use of a translator, we try to accommodate! 

We’re pretty friendly and enjoy playing the game and fighting and growing together as a team, so if you are active and want a place to fight alongside others who are, come check us out at The Cause!  Look up King Vinny69 or me, King Thunderbolt4.  We’d be happy to have you be part of the team!

Just be aware that registration will close from the day before a war season, until the war season is over.  


As we approach this new Conquest thing, We at The Cause would like to welcome you to join us at this time, as every alliance is going to be going through a “learning experience”, wouldn’t it be nice to be part of a team that is full of scrappy fighters, not deadbeats and wannabes?  We currently have 4 spots remaining on our roster and just unlocked our third beast. We now have Tammy, Archimedes and Howl- with Growl only 1 away and Bucky 2 away. We have suspended boosts only until the start of the conquest so that we can save alliance gold.  As we learn the new Conquest and it’s demands on the team, we will make the boosts full time again- this is just a cautious move to conserve our gold.  Please see the original post above for specifics.  Hope to see you there!



Hello everyone, The Cause is now taking new recruits!  We are currently level 36 and ranked 746.  The last Conquest we placed first and ranked 67th in our tier.  In the last ten wars, we’ve placed first 5x, second twice, third twice and fourth once.  We are actively working towards leveling up the alliance.  We try to keep cannons boosted 24/7 and during wars, frost trap, tough barricade and stunning ogres make appearances, and sometimes others depending on alliance gold and requests.  We’re open to new ideas and want to work together.  Our motto is “We learn as a team, we grow as a team.”  

We need ACTIVE players who will help the team in Wars, Conquests, and Ninjas.  Events and Pro League are up to you, but encouraged because they help you grow in the end as well.  Minimum alliance donation of 10K is to allow us to continue boosts for you.  It may be raised in the future as we “move up the food chain”.  

New are a small series of videos that I have made to help the team understand things like conquests, wars, etc.  We also have a facebook page available to team members.

So, if you’re in the 2500-3500 trophy range (or more ?) and you are tired of the high-pressure from the high-level alliances, but still want to participate, come join The Cause.  We have a place for you!  If you’re in the 900-2500 trophy range, please consider us for a home alliance where you can learn, grow, and fight alongside the scrappiest players in the game!  If you’re looking for a great team to play on that values your participation, look up King Vinny69 or me, King Thunderbolt4.  Join The Cause today!

Just since I posted this the other day, we now have Archimedes up to Level 2 and Bucky is 1 away from becoming Level 2.


We currently have openings on our team for those who are active in Alliance Wars, Conquests, Ninjas, and Pro League (as best you can).  We are looking for those who want to help fight, donate and grow as a team!  I updated the info above as all of our unlocked pals have been leveled up.  We are also encouraging more participation in the Pro League so we can finally get our alliance pro beast.  We have a great bunch of players who love to play the game.  If you’d like to be part of a team that continues to grow, but without some of the demands of the higher leagues, come check out The Cause in time for the next Ninja event and Conquest!

Join now before the Conquest starts!  We will help guide you through the Conquest if you don’t understand.  We’re looking for team players who want to grow with us!

Updated beasts to include Awakened Aki and Growl to Level 3.