Join Windows alliance now!

Updated on Jan 09, 2015:




Update on Dec 18, 2014:


If you’re playing on Windows or Windows Phone devices, welcome to our alliance.


The name is Windows.

Join (and donate

Can you beat 18% gold boost?  gold was never the problem for windows players, I’m starting to get sick of all my gold, not enough workers to spend it on.

I was in an alliance with 16% gold boost. It’s not that hard to achieve, we just need more members, and there are tons of Windows players out there, included me. 


I only raid when I have things to upgrade. I don’t raid often, but when I do, I also win the tournament :grinning:

I am a wp user too… Now i am hunting for golds to upgrade things… And i can easily win platinum league but haven’t won a single diamond league yet…

The Diamond league is hard to win, mainly because it requires 3 days continuously fighting.


Our alliance Windows has reached level 4, and it can accommodate 9 members now.


Join (and donate 

i’ll hope so… Go wp

I have been playing on Windows Phone for months, but can’t stand lag, connection lost, bad connection, game crashes etc. Can’t blame the game, as the phone memory is only 512 MB, and other apps are slow too.


After some tries on Windows, now I’m playing mainly on my laptop. Bye bye lag :wink:


I wish you guys luck.

I’d join, but I’m already in a great alliance with some great people.

Hope to see you in the top 10.


~Windows user.

Thank you shadow  :wink:


The Windows clan is now level 8, with 18% gold boost and we still have one slot left. Join now and make it 19% gold boost 


~Another Windows user.

Wow a alliance just for windows players that’s pretty cool

The game update is not in the app store yet. Luckily I’m still able to play game using my Windows Phone.


The Windows alliance now reaches level 12, with 2 slots left. The gold boost is now 22%.

The alliance leader’s trophy is jumping around 35xx and 36xx, tower donation limit 75k.


If you’re playing on Windows and Windows Phone devices, with trophy > 3000, tower donation >20k, you’re more than welcome to join our Windows alliance.



Me and my friend are using windows phone and still got no good alliance yet, we end up making our own alliance with two member and its getting difficult. Could we join? IGN : Silvear

Sorry Momotaro, your trophy didn’t meet our expectation, so I couldn’t let you in. I hope you’ll find a good alliance soon.

If only the RR2 allows having 50 members in the beginning like other games, then we can accommodate more players.

The Windows alliance reached level 17, and will be 18 soon. We have 4 open slots now, and we are recruiting.

We need active players with >3000 trophy and >= 50k donation/day.


Please PM me your hero name or just apply to our alliance.


Rock on, Windows players!

Good luck with further progress! :slight_smile: