Joke Towers: Arrow Tower and Frost Tower

In Royal Revolt, two of the most common units are: Knights and Archers from level 1 to level 101 (so far), I use them all the time!

There is no reason Flare cannot allow the same boosts and additional levels of upgrades to make the Arrow Tower and Frost Tower usable from level 1 through level 100+. 

Note: The Bomb Tower is useful all the way through!

Honestly, it’s just laziness/sloppiness.  Instead of creating new (unnecessary) content like the Lighting Tower, why not make their existing content useful!

Obviously they tried to solve the imbalance with the Elite Boost: Poison Tower, and the War Boost for the Frost Tower: Frozen Spire.

But Poison Tower just isn’t enough!  It should at the bare minimum provide the resistance to Fire that Tough Barricades provides. 

And Frozen Spire is, of course, a total joke!  If you are like me you use: Firestorm to Kill Frozen Spires and with the duration of Firestorm you’ll also kill the 3 silly Froster who spawn with the same Firestorm.  (When I first saw Frozen Spires for the longest time I thought they weren’t function cause they and their Frosters were dying so quickly.)

Again being an early tower is no excuse for them being useless.  As I said Knights and Archers are some of the most common units.

Plus notice the Arrow Tower is the only other Tower (aside from the Firebolt Tower) that actually fires a non-bomb projectile!  They are really limiting the scope of the game-play. 

I agree on the fact that Arrow Tower and Frost Tower aren’t used at their best, but you know the game is for all kind of levels, if they make something too powerful already for an arrow tower, then doesn’t exist no more the low and low-mid level gameplays.

Arrow Tower is good for low level players and its boost: Poison Arrow Tower i’m sure has been created to satisfy also the low level players for their first cool battles with the first elite boost =). It’s obvious that it starts to become useless very quickly  as soon as you unlock bomb tower and others, but in the meantime, they thought of those players and of their battles too.

I liked the fact that they improved the usefulness of all the low and mid level tower (arrow tower, bomb tower, gargoyle tower) with the elite boosts and war boosts. But if we talk seriously they need to create a bomb tower v2 to make it really useful for the high level player, because when you unlock the skull tower you have something decent that can’t be replaced by any super OP Arrow Tower, but maybe they can always add some “strange” improvements for it too, to make it useful at least until the mid-high level gameplays, this might be interesting.

But if we have to compare between an Arrow Tower and a Frost Tower, the Frost Tower if placed in specific points of the base for example in a U turn or near the corner can help to slowdown troops or you if for example you have already used your Hero Scream.

About its Special Boost: Frozen Spire is something useful especially if maxed but in limited part. It’s good again for 1 main reason: make you lose even more time. In fact thanks to the fact that has 50% blunt resistance and not 100% like other towers and thanks to the fact that has double health, 1 sonic blast isn’t enough like i guess not even 2? i’m not sure on this however from 2 to 3 sonic blast, And Stunning Ogre as well as Storm Cannon will have a big challenge especially if you have only few in that moment.

So its main usefulness is make lose time to the enemy also because it stuns in range when destroyed + it spawn frosters = they slowdown too, so it’s not total useless the Frozen Spire. If you do or you did the first Vein of Gold XXIII you see clearly how it is used effectively in the path and you see clearly that it makes you lose lot and lot of time. Of course it’s not the best put only Frozen Spire you need variety, putting other towers too.

I absolutely disagree with the idea that something can’t be useful at all levels of gameplay. 

As I noted the Knight is in fact useful at all levels of game play, but I don’t think imbalanced at any level.

The Bomb Tower is also useful at all levels.

And if it weren’t for lazy, short-sited thinking this could be true of all towers and units.

My vision for the Arrow Tower would be to make a King killer.  Sure since it doesn’t do area damage it’s limited in what it could do.  But if they added many more levels that could be upgraded and gave it a high level of damage it would still be over run by a swarm of Knights (it just can’t shoot them all!)  But I would give it enough damage that if the King tries to run too far ahead of his army/meatshields he’ll he executed. 

I would honestly go as far as reducing the fare rate, but increasing the damage dramatically.  Like 5,000 damage with an attack rate of 1 shot per every 3 seconds.  This would make it like a “sniper” tower, high damage low rate of fire, very unique from other towers. 

^^ I agree with maurique!! The normal arrows of the arrow towers can also acts as sniper such that it deals significant damages in 1 hit + how about increases its range in maxed level? That would bring back the usefullness back. It have been months I have seen bases with frost towers!! There main objective is to slow down no wonder but I guess players prefer more to kill using skulls and FBs

Well said!

Agree with pelle said,it’s all about balancing.try the new dungeon and I guarantee u will sweat out of it.what u can’t imagine u will know the usefulness of this towers in the new dungeon mission.

Meng77 you use 0 Frost Towers in your base. 

If you think they are properly balanced I want you to start using them. 

Until then you’re out of this conversation.

I am just telling u the fact like pelle said,towers support each other,none towers can stand itself alone even the mighty skull tower as u said.i bet u didn’t even try the dungeon quest yet that’s why u look down on this the way if I don’t use them doesn’t mean they are lousy and u don’t need to peep at my base,all the while my base is open before and after war time

Yeah, I didn’t have to look at your base to tell you nobody uses them.  Not you, not me, not Opelle.  And yes I have beat the dungeon.  Flare put a couple in a dungeon, but no player on Royal Revolt puts them in there base.

Again you are allowed to start arguing they are a well balanced tower when I see them in your defenses this War Season.

The only problem I see with Frost Tower its the HP. Just the game don’t excited you to max them. At 20k HP its pretty low. Same if you up at +20 the HP perk

Snake Tower and others have like 35k or 40k HP why not Froster Tower? Arrow Tower? perhaps when all tower gonna have the same amount of HP maybe we can talk balancing. For now its far to be balancing

I love how you said that! 

It’s so far away from workable balancing isn’t even a reasonable statement!

its like the spike without boost a joke 12K HP max at level 16. What? really? A sonic blast at level 1 can destroy it what you need to have them at 25 or 30K to wait Flaregames add level 25 max. I understand spike need Frost Trap elite boost to be better but no much alliance use Frost Trap elite boost maybe just the top alliance

that why i don’t invest in some tower. I up the snake,Skull and Firebolt because I know that worth it but the others you need to be in top to use that like Ranged Bomb. I don’t know Flaregames have a lot to do before all be balancing. 

I don’t have the intention to build the most dangerous defense and try to stop player. People who raid me at this moment can see I use a lot of spike,Frost Tower,etc… just to give them fun to raid me. To make change to always fight the same base with L design

If you want to have fun people can raid me. that allow to use other spell like Toxic cloud or I don’t know Hammerstrike,Stun,etc…or unit your never use. the day Flaregames gonna balancing all maybe I gonna invest more in leveling my towers but for now I just give fun to player who raid me and gold. You want gold raid me. i want people have fun to do raid

Actually, I was already complaining about balancing the spikes in a totally different post!

Actually, and talking about balancing the obstacles in general in this post!

Flare’s got a real mess to fix!

Well for me, the firebolt tower seems to do little damage over the king, so I had a short dilemma about having arrow towers for a change. But of course no, it was too weak, a spell or some troops could take it down in a second. :slightly_frowning_face:  The arrow tower should be stronger, maybe it could target the king as a priority instead? Although it seems to weak, I had times where I rushed into a sea of arrow towers and drowned…

Maybe the elite boosts could be stronger too, like for

Snipers Hideout - Periodically summons an elite archer (Quite useful if you put a few at the end of the castle)

Arrow Rain - Rains a bunch of arrows instead of one per shot (Can take down a group of knights/archers)

I need to note, I liked the Eagle Tower…

But really Flare made it a usable tower for maybe 1 week every month?

That’s not a solution to the problem?

Why can’t Flare give us the appropriate upgrades and changes to make these towers usable?


And again Frost Tower should NOT have a weakness to Fire.  Currently everything is weak to Fire, and just logically the Frost Tower is a giant fire hose!


Arrow tower attack rate should be increased, as equal to firebolter

Hell Yes!

Or slowed down dramatically and given huge damage.  Make it a “Sniper Tower”.

Honestly, anything would be an improvement. 

Make it a haunted tower that spawns Zombies.

Nobody’s using the towers maybe they are haunted by now.