Jona- Please read and respond

This is in reference to my post that went unheard yesterday on ’ d9d9 's topic named War Troubles for any information that seems astray or odd, I’ll post a link below and my response that I feel needs to be heard and responded to because quite frankly I now really feel unheard as a voice in this game and it is beginning to agitate me.


I keep trying to copy and paste a link and my response and it doesn’t seem to work but anyways please search that topic about my WAR issues and respond to it on here or the original because I really dislike typing my ideas and concerns and going unanswered.  I do understand you have 100s to check everyday but still it is was a admin signed up for, I check nearly every topic I post to see who responds so while it is difficult it is manageable as a admin.

Still can’t post the link as a technical issue but this is really sad how many times I’ve contacted Jona about issues in the past week and received no answer; a little frustrating but I can’t really blame him.