Journey to the bottom of the ocean...

Since I’m no chance of ever getting to the top of the pile, I decided why not try the other end.

Well, after 2 weeks of open bases, 0%'ing attacks and just generally dumping trophies, it’s finally happened…

Lols, nice one.

Though it’s sad how how less and less players play the game. 400k on minus trophies, if you create new acc you are around 250k. Considering the growing number of dummy accounts how many active players are left ? 150k ?

It’s clear what kind of mess Flare has made introducing those uber chest. Everyone is going crazy. People are spamming in this forum too just only to share its friend code. 

well that was a fun contest with weagles…he trounced me…its called to heck with flare …we can devise our own mini games…its gem free…and lots of fun

Btw, let us know how long it will take to go back to your original trophies. Poor those players who will dare to attack you till you get there :wink:

our king lvls are high enough that lower lvlplayers should be warned…ive gained 1500 trophies back in a day and a half…moat from attackers trophy dumping


If previous occurances are any indicator, I’ll be back over 3k by the end of the war season and about normal for me (4.5k) by the start of the next one.

The random ign above u show that its a dummy acc. Well done flare.

You guys have broken the record of deep diving… :slight_smile:

Nice. Very interesting to see how the other end of the leaderboard is.

congrats you break the revolt record  :wink: