would be nice if you could play this game with an xbox game pad (or any gamepad) so that people who attached some computer or something (for example xbox one  ) to a big screen can play it on those screens .

It’s already so if they managed to create Royal Revolt 2 for PC… Let alone if they are able to do that. 


 what will the x do? what will the y do? what will the a do? what will the b do? 

You have 3 spells, 3 troop types, 2 scrolls, 1 hero scream, 1 pause button. you also need to move somehow. I guess it’s not much use to discuss what exact key bindings would be best, but rather we should discuss the idea itself :grinning:

One thing to keep in mind is that the game does not only consist of the raid itself, but you also need to navigate in menus, choose opponents, switch gear, buy stuff, and most important also set up and change your defense. There, mouse/touch control (“point and click style”) is quite effective, I’d say. Not sure how well it would work to do all the base setup with an xbox controller (or keyboard either).


Also, take a look at this similar thread:

well i guess while doin navigation in your castle you can use the joypas as a mouse . plain and simpel . but it would be nice that while raiding you could use your joypad to move around . an xbox 360 (as wel as most joypads ) have 8 or more buttons . star,circle,square and another 1 and then 4 on the back of the pad . so the 8 buttons required in raid are there , no problem. and with the stick you could move , they only would have to implent a menu where you maybe can setup your joypad orso . should be not verry hard to make this happen .